Product Safety

1. Philosophy

JSR Group considers product safety assurance as a critical foundation of its business activities. The Group conducts all of its business undertakings following its Responsible Care policy, which states that “we strive to ensure the safety of our products by developing products with consideration for safety, health, and the environment and providing information about them.”

2. Advancement Structure

Under the basic policy of Responsible Care, the Environment, Safety and Quality Committee, chaired by the officer in charge of safety, quality and environment, formulates policy and action plans related to product safety and chemical management at JSR Group. The committee also oversees related activities and their results.

Agenda items deliberated and approved by the Environment, Safety and Quality Committee are reported to the Sustainability Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the President.

3. Product Liability Prevention (PLP)

(1) PLP Guiding Principles

Maintaining respect for humanity, JSR does business with based on the following PLP Guiding Principles

  • Social mission:
    The company’s social mission is to pursue safety in the products it supplies and to ensure the safety and health of those who use them.
  • Customer trust:
    Activities that unfailingly execute PLP and continually supply safe products lead to customer trust.
  • Prevention:
    The essential point of PLP is to take all possible preventative measures to ensure that product accidents do not occur.
  • Company-wide activity:
    PLP activities are executed through collaboration among concerned departments and with the combined strength of JSR.

Established: April 1, 1994

(2) PLP Activities

JSR has enacted Product Liability Prevention (PLP) Standards as the foundation for conducting its product safety efforts. We are implementing ongoing PLP activities to prevent PL incidents by establishing regulations for each part of the supply chain; namely, design and development, manufacture, sales, and distribution.

Examples of PLP Activities

Utilization of PLP Check Sheet

When conducting design reviews, we utilize the PLP Check Sheet to prevent PL accidents. Using the PLP Check Sheet, we have built a system that checks the safety of products that will be newly brought to market from multiple aspects from the design stage and commercializes them after obtaining approval from department heads.

PLP Training

We regularly provide training on PLP, including the Product Liability Act, our PLP system, and the prevention of PL incidents, to improve employees' knowledge and awareness of PLP.

4. Chemical Management

JSR Group also puts efforts into chemical management in order to provide safe products. We consider chemical hazards as well as look into legal regulations in Japan and overseas and ensure compliance starting with the design phase of products.