In 1957, Japan Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. Founded


Company founded(as Japan Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd.)in accordance with the Special Measures Law for the Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing industry.

Launching Synthetic Rubber Production in Japan


Yokkaichi Plant began production and sales of butadiene,SBR,and SB latex lines.Osaka Branch was Opened.

President Ishibashi at the Opening Ceremony of the Yokkaichi Plant


Sales of paper coating latex (PCL) began.


JSR advanced into the field of synthetic resins and production of ABS resin began within the Yokkaichi Plant.


The Chiba Plant was completed, and production of butadiene began.

Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Chiba Plant


Changed company's status to private owned.

Began to Diversify the Business Portfolio while Surviving a Deep Slump


The Kashima Plant was completed, and production of butadiene and SBR began.

President Kawasaki at the Opening Ceremony of the Kashima Plant


Sales of CIR (negative type photoresist) began. JSR advanced into the semiconductor materials business.

Creating New Businesses and Drive Diversification


Importation and sales of optical fiber coating materials began.

Optical Fiber Coating Materials


Sales of OPTMER AL (Alignment films for LCDs) and OPTMER SS (protective coatings for LCDs) began.


Tsukuba Research Laboratory was officially opened.

Tsukuba Lab.

Changing Corporate Name to JSR Corporation, Building a Global Production Structure


UCB-JSR Electronics S.A. (Belgium) became wholly-owned subsidiary of JSR, and restarted by being renamed JSR ELECTRONICS N.V. Simultaneously JSR MICROELECTRONICS,INC. acquired U.S. operation as their subsidiary.

JSR Micro Kyushu Co., Ltd.
JSR Microelectronics,Inc.


A microphotoresist manufacturing subsidiary, JSR Electronics Kyushu Co., Ltd.(Saga) was established. Sales of epoxy type photo-curing resin having high accuracy, high-performance for photofabrication (stereolithography)

The ABS resin business was integrated with that of the Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., and a joint venture company, Techno Polymer Co., Ltd. was established.


Construction work was completed for photoresist plant of JSR MICROELECTRONICS, INC.

Changed of corporate name to "JSR Corporation."

On 1997, we celebrated 40th anniversary of the founding of the company and changed our name to JSR Corporation. We had taken into consideration that our business portfolio had been expanding from synthetic rubbers and our target to expand further in the future. JSR's strategy to actively challenge to the new era, innovation and creativity had been reflected to the symbol design.

The blue square represents the universe; yellow arc represents the light before the rising sun. For JSR, the blue square means the excellence in our technology and sustainability of our company, and the yellow arc is our leading edge technology and activity. This represents our ambition to be an excellent company.
JSR will contribute to the world by technology and performance and would light the era by providing cutting edge technologies to the industry. This is what we would like to express from our symbol.

Expanding Fine Chemicals Business


JSR Electronics Kyushu Co., Ltd., JSR Microelectronics, Inc. and JSR ELECTRONICS N.V. changed their names to "JSR Micro Kyushu Co., Ltd.," "JSR Micro,Inc." and "JSR Micro N.V." accordingly. Begins production of emulsion polymerization SBR consigned by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Posts personnel dedicated to the electronic materials business in the Shanghai representative office to strengthen this business area in China.

JSR Micro NV (Belgium)

Completes new plant facilities for semiconductor materials in Belgium.


Relocates the Head Office to HAMARIKYU Parkside Place, 6-10 Tsukiji5-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


JSR Micro Korea Co., Ltd (plant for production of LCD Materials) was completed and started commercial production.

JSR Micro Korea Co., Ltd.


Completed the construction of new clean room facilities at the Yokkaichi research center.

New Cleanroom Facility at the Yokkaichi

Completed construction of precision machining pilot facilities at the Yokkaichi plant.

Precision Processing Pilot Facilities at the Yokkaichi Plant

JSR Micro Taiwan Co., Ltd. (plant for production of LCD materials) was completed and started commercial production.


Completes Yokkaichi Training center

Yokkaichi Training Center


JM Energy Completed construction of world's first commercial production plant of lithium ion capacitors.

JM Energy Corporation (Yamanashi HQ Plant)


Joint-venture Techno Polymer Co., Ltd. becomes 100% subsidiary.

Relocates the Head office to Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg., 1-9-2 Higashi- Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

JSR Starts Operations at New Plant Facilities for Cutting-edge Lithography Materials in Response to Increase in Demand for ArF Photoresists

Precision Processing Pilot Facilities at the Yokkaichi Plant

Expanding Life Sciences Business Aiming for Sustainable Growth


Completed Increase of Manufacturing Capacity of Solution Polymerization Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SSBR)
JM Energy Completed Construction of Manufacturing Plant, Evaluation Building and Safety Assessment Laboratory for Flat Prismatic Type Lithium Ion Capacitors
Established Diagnostic Products Joint Venture called "J&W Biotech Co., Ltd." in China

New SSBR plant at the Yokkaichi Plant
Flat prismatic type lithium ion capacitor


Completion of J&W Beijing Biotech Co., Ltd Headquarters and Plant

The Opening Ceremony of J&W Biotech Co., Ltd. in Beijing, China


JSR jointly acquired KBI Biopharma, Inc., a contract developer and manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals in the United States


Established Techno-UMG Co., Ltd. as an integrated ABS resin business.
Started operations of JSR Elastomer India Private Limited, a new subsidiary in India.

Completed aquisition of Crown Bioscience International.


Established US Headquarters for JSR Life Sciences and North America Holding Company.

Building a Resilient Organization


MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD. (MBL) becomes 100% subsidiary.

R&D Facility, JSR Bioscience and informatics R&D center (JSR BiRD) for New Business Incubations was opened.

EUV Pioneer Inpria Corporation becomes 100% subsidiary.


Elastomers Business was transferred to ENEOS Corporation