Management and Corporate Organization


(* Officer)

Eric Johnson
Representative Director,
CEO, President
Eric Johnson
Hara Koichi
Representative Director
Koichi Hara*
Seiji Takahashi
Seiji Takahashi*
Ichiko Tachibana
Ichiko Tachibana*
Kenichi Emoto
Kenichi Emoto*
Tadayuki Seki
Outside Director
Tadayuki Seki
David Robert Hale
Outside Director
David Robert Hale
Masato Iwasaki
Outside Director
Masato Iwasaki
Kazuo Ushida
Outside Director

Kazuo Ushida

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member Tomoaki Iwabuchi
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Junko Kai
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Takaaki Tokuhiro

List of Assigned Business Segment and Position of Director and Officers

(As of Apr 1, 2024)

Assigned Business Segment, and Position
CEO, President Eric Johnson North America Business
President of JSR North America Holdings, Inc.
Managing Officer Koichi Hara Corporate Planning (including supervising group companies), M&A
Managing Officer Makoto Doi

Legal Affairs, Compliance

Managing Officer Seiji Takahashi

Manufacturing, Procurement and Logistics, Environment and Safety,
Quality Assurance Yokkaichi Plant Manager

Senior Officer Kazumasa Yamawaki

Plastics Business

President of Techno UMG Co., Ltd.

Senior Officer Mikio Yamachika

Supervising Digital Solutions Business, Manufacturing and Technology

General Manager of Digital Solutions Business DX Planning and Acceleration Dept.
Senior Officer Tim Lowery

Life Sciences Business

General Manager of Life Sciences Div.

President of JSR Life Sciences, LLC

Senior Officer Keisuke Wakiyama

Display Solution Business, Edge Computing Business, Supervising Business in China

General Manager of Display Solution Business Div.

Chairman of JSR (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Chairman of JSR Display Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Chairman of JSR Micro (Changshu) Co., Ltd.
Senior Officer Ichiko Tachibana Sustainability Promotion, Diversity Promotion, Global HR Coordinate
Senior Officer Toru Kimura

Supervising Digital Solution Business (deputy), Electronic Materials Business

General Manager of Electronic Materials Div.

General Manager of Advanced Lithography Material Business Promotion Dept.
in Electronic Materials Div.

Chairman of JSR Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Representative Director of JSR Micro Korea Co., Ltd.
Officer Yasufumi Fujii Human Resources Development, General Affairs, Secretarial Office
Officer Yutaka Yoshimoto

Office of President, Emerging Business

General Manager of Office of President

Executive Officer of JSR Active Innovation Fund, LLC
Officer Hiroaki Tokuhisa

New Research (CTO), Intellectual Property, Material Characterization Analysis

General Manager of RD Technology ・ Digital Transformation Center

General Manager of JSR Bioscience and informatics R&D center
Officer Khashayar (Hash) Pakbaz Digital Transformation (CDO)
Officer Kenichi Emoto Accounting, Finance, Corporate Communications
Officer Motoyuki Shima

Digital Solution Business Development (deputy),

Development Management at Yokkaichi Area

Officer Kentaro Yamamoto

IT Strategy, Cyber Security Management

General Manager of IT Strategy Dept.

Officer Amin Spura

Director and CEO of Crown Bioscience International

Officer Jeffrey Mowery

Director, President, and CEO of KBI Biopharma, Inc.

Director and President of Selexis SA

Organization Chart

(As of Apr 1, 2024)