Display Materials

JSR will continue to develop solutions that add new ideas in the field of next-generation displays based on the basic technologies and extensive mass production experience cultivated through LCD panel materials.

LCD Materials

Liquid Crystal Alignment Films OPTMER AL Series

AL series (alignment coating materials) are used in manufacture of LCD. Both polyimide type (pre-imidized organic-solvent-soluble type) and polyamic acid type are available.

Heat-curable Protective Coating Materials OPTMER SS Series

SS series (heat-curable protective coating materials) are used for overcoatings of color filters. They are mainly composed of acrylic polymers. Both one-liquid type and two-liquid type are available. Two-liquid type is mixed just before using.

Heat resistant, Transparent, Photosensitive Protective Film OPTMER PC/NN Series

NN series (negative-tone photo resists composed of acrylic polymers) are mainly used as overcoating materials for COG (chip on glass)-type color filters, and also used for spacer formation of touch panels and LCD panels.
PC series are newly developed positive-tone photo resists, which are mainly composed of acrylic polymers.They are favorable for interlayer films of TFT arrays for high aperture design.

Color Resist OPTMER CR Series

CR series (pigment dispersed negative-tone photo resists) are used to form color filter layers for LCD. Red, Green, Blue, and Black colors are available.

Next Generation Display Materials

OLED Materials OPTMER™ JEM Series

JSR will further develop and expand our product portfolio for OLED materials, such as pixel defining layer, planarization layer, encapsulation, and low temperature curable color resist etc.

Low Temperature Curable Alignment Material OPTMER™ LD Series

JSR is providing alignment materials for flexible/film substrates which can be cured by low temperature. For example, resin films such as TAC can be used as substrate with optical anisotropy added.

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