R&D Organization

Display Solution Research Laboratories

We develop and deliver advanced materials that enable the wide viewing angles, high color reproducibility, fast responses, and ultra-high definition required for various levels of display performance including 4K/8K, mobile, and AR/VR. Our research and development are engaged in a wide range of leading-edge materials, including alignment films and insulating films that contribute to the high performance of LCD panels and materials for OLED displays.

[Product Line] Liquid crystal alignment film, low temperature bake alignment film, high transmission photosensitive insulating film, overcoat materials for color filter, color resist, materials for OLED, etc.

Fine Electronic Materials Research Laboratories

We are constantly researching and developing innovative materials and delivering them to the market for the development of semiconductor technology that will drive the ICT era. Our research and development activities include lithography materials such as photoresists that drive semiconductor scaling, advanced packaging materials such as plating photoresists that support high-density packaging, CMP slurries, functional cleaning solutions, and spin-on inorganic materials.

[Product Line] Photoresists, topcoat materials for immersion lithography, multilayer hardmask materials, CMP slurries, post CMP cleaning solutions, plating photoresists, photo-imageable dielectric materials, etc.

Edge Computing Research Laboratories

We are developing and delivering new materials and technologies required for edge computing related markets, which require higher performance in line with the progress of IoT and the expansion of 5G. We are comprehensively researching high-performance materials and films, such as NIR (near infrared)-cut filters for cameras used in high-performance smartphones and sensors.

[Product Line] Heat-resistant transparent ARTON® resin for molding and film, NIR cut filter, etc.

R&D Technology and Digital Transformation Center

We are accelerating overall R&D operations through the application of next-genetarion computer technology and data science, conducting research into the development of innovative materials with advanced functions and characteristics for the creation of new businesses, and exploring the theoretical understanding of JSR product development at JSR-UTokyo Collaboration Hub, CURIE.

[Target field]
General R&D

Tsukuba Research Laboratories

As the core R&D base for the Life Science Business, our Tsukuba Research Laboratories are continuously working on the development of new materials and technologies. We focus on materials for diagnostics, research reagents, and downstream bioprocessing, including protein A resin, by combining our polymers expertise with bio-materials and technologies and through collaborations with internal and external parties. We also contribute to the Life Sciences Business of the JSR Group by collaborating with other group companies such as MBL, KBI Biopharma and research institutes in Japan and overseas.

[Product Line] Magnetic microparticles, latex particles for clinical diagnostics, blocking agents, protein A affinity chromatography resin, etc.

JSR-Keio University Medical and Chemical Innovation Center (JKiC)

In collaboration with researchers and doctors at Keio University, we are conducting research on new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and developing applications for industrialization, with the aim of achieving cutting-edge medicines and medical treatments that integrate basic research and clinical practice. We are working on a variety of research areas by combining medical perspectives with our knowledge of materials development.

[Target field] (1) precision medicine, (2) stem cell biology and cell-based medicine, (3) microbiome, (4) designed medical device, etc.

JSR Bioscience and informatics R&D center (JSR BiRD)

We are working to create value for the future and contribute to a safe, secure and prosperous digital and sustainable society with a low environmental impact, based on the three pillars of 1.) in-depth research and social implementation of JSR’s life sciences research, 2.) strengthening informatics, and 3.) promoting open innovation.

[Target field] research and social implementation in the life sciences field centering on microbiome, bioinformatics, open innovation, etc.

Intellectual Property: Contribution of Patents owned by JSR

Contribution of Patents owned by JSR
Life Science Others Total
Japan 2022.3.31
2,111 109 58 2,278
2,291 107 297 2,695
Overseas 2022.3.31
2,600 171 35 2,806
2,737 127 582 3,446

*Excluding succeeded patents to ENEOS Materials Corporation from the number of owned patents at the end of FY2021.