Message from the Director Responsible for R&D / R&D Policy

Research and Development to continue challenging for innovation

Today we are facing a new set of crises we have never experienced before. There are a variety of geopolitical challenges and societal changes that are influencing expectations for new technologies.
Through our corporate mission of "Materials Innovation", JSR creates value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment.
In addition to polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, photochemistry, organic chemistry, computational chemistry, and analytical chemistry, all which we have cultivated over many years, the Research and Development Division will accelerate digitization and actively incorporate open innovation to address the challenges of advanced technologies and provide solutions to social issues.
We will continue to improve our research and development efforts to provide new products and services to the world. We will carry out research and development with a curiosity for new technologies and provide value to our customers, with whom we work closely in a wide range of business fields, and to our partners who cooperate with us in various environments, all to further promote co-creation.

Hiroaki Tokuhisa

R&D is the Driving Force of Materials Innovation

JSR began its business in petrochemicals, a sector built on synthetic rubber. From there, it expanded to the information electronics materials sector; namely, semiconductor materials and display materials. It subsequently moved into the life sciences, environment, and energy sectors, through which it has given the world numerous highly functional materials developed with its own technologies. What has supported these advancements has been JSR's substantial research and development framework.

At the present time, JSR's R&D bases include five research laboratories established in Yokkaichi City (the Display Solution Development Center, the Fine Electronic Materials Development Center, and the Edge Device Materials Lab.) as well as the Tsukuba Research Laboratories, the JSR-Keio University Medical and Chemical Innovation Center (JKiC; established at the Shinanomachi Campus of Keio University), and JSR Bioscience and informatics R&D center (JSR BiRD; established in Kawasaki City). JSR's Research and Development Department is responsible for supporting existing businesses and creating new businesses. To fulfill these roles, it works closely across related organizations to (1) set research themes that anticipate market needs and (2) build and strengthen a flexible research system that is highly responsive to customer demand. It also conducts joint research with customers, universities, and research institutes in highly innovative basic and exploratory research areas.

JSR understands that R&D outcomes will determine its future success. This is why it is not only aggressively improving its core polymer technologies but also moving into new fields by integrating its work in polymers with discoveries in fields like photochemistry, inorganic chemistry, precision processing, and biotechnology.