Packaging Materials

In response to high-quality and diverse market needs, we offer materials such as insulating materials, materials that support high-density packaging and functional materials used in LED prodction by utilizing the polymer technology cultivated over many years in the petrochemical business.

Advanced Packaging Materials

Thick Layer Photoresists ELPAC™ THB Series

This product can be used in the forming of wiring on a variety of circuit boards, micro bumps, flip chip bumps and boasts of excellent resolution, resistance to all kinds of plating liquid, and durability in the vacuum process. You can achieve a 80μm nega-resist with just one spin coat.

Insulating Materials ELPAC™ WPR Series

WPR series are used as spin-on photo sensitive insulation materials for re-distribution line layers and over coat layers for WL-CSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) or SiP (System in Package) and for organic passivation layers for semiconductor devices.

Lift-off Processing Photoresists LUMILON™ LP Series

This product can provide an ideal under-cut profile which is suitable for the foaming of electrode/wiring in the LED element manufacturing and so on as "Lift-off" photoresist.

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