Semiconductor Materials

Utilizing the polymer technology cultivated over many years in the petrochemical business, we have developed materials used in semiconductor manufacturing. In response to high-quality and diverse market needs, we offer materials such as photoresists for circuit formation and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) materials which are indispensable in the process of multi-layer wiring configurations in semiconductor production.

Lithography Materials


JSR's full product line for g-line and i-line resists for critical and non-critical applications and imaging super critical features includes 248 and 193nm positive and negative tone photoresists.

Top Coat Materials for Immersion Lithography

This material prevents liquids such as water used in immersion lithography from penetrating into the photoresists, and at the same time can play a role in preventing a sublime substance produced by photoresist materials from exerting a damaging influence on the high quality lens surface of the exposure tool.

Multilayer Hardmask Materials

JSR develops organic and inorganic spin-on hardmask materials by utilizing its proprietary technologies.

Next Generation Lithography Materials

JSR develops various lithography materials such as EUV photoresists for next generation semiconductor manufacturing process for 10nm node and beyond.

Process Materials

CMP Slurry

This is a CMP slurry (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) necessary for the production of high performance LSI manufacturing.

Post CMP Cleaning Solution

This cleaning solution is used to remove impurities such as metals, organic and slurry residues from planarized wafer surface.

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