Based upon JSR's synthetic rubber manufacturing technologies, we have developed a range of products with specialized functions, such as styrene butadiene (SB) latex and acrylic emulsions. The main product in this domain which holds the highest share in the Japanese market is paper coating latex (PCL).

Battery Materials

Binders for Batteries

By utilizing advanced polymer technologies, this is a water-based binder developed to enable the formation of negative electrodes in lithium-ion secondary batteries and nickel-hydrogen secondary batteries. Compared to conventional battery binders (PVDF), these binders have excellent binding properties, electrolyte resistance and cycle properties.

High-Functional/Particles for Industrial Use

Highly Cross-linked Particles

With a very high degree of cross-linkage, these particles have heat resistance and hardness comparable to that of inorganic particles, in addition to an affinity to organic materials, which is a property unseen in inorganic particles. JSR manufactures particles with a diameter of less than one micrometer, in order to meet customer needs.


Paper Coating Latex (PCL)

A carboxyl-modified SB latex that displays superior chemical and mechanical stability. With strong adhesiveness and superior printing adaptability, PCL is used in applications such as paper coating and saturated paper.

Styrene Butadiene (SB) Latex

With superior chemical and mechanical stability, SB latex is used in foam rubbers and carpet packing, and applications such as adhesion of industrial fibers and rubbers.

Asphalt Pavement Modifier (ROADEX®)

An SBR latex used to modify asphalt in road paving. Various properties of asphalt, such as abrasion resistance, fluidity resistance, and low-temperature characteristics are improved, leading to asphalt longevity.

Acrylic Emulsions

Displaying superior weather-resistance and heat-resistance (aging), acrylic emulsions also have high adhesiveness. It is used in exterior paints, floor polish and adhesives.

Functional Emulsion

Functional Emulsion SIFCLEAR™

SIFCLEARTM is a water-based emulsion made of hydrophobic units (Vinylidene fluoride system type and Siloxane system type) and hydrophilic units (acrylic polymers) made compatible at molecular level. It has high weather resistance and high stain resistance. Due to its transparency, SIFCLEARTM also can be used as a transparent coating material.
(Application examples: resin additive, coating agent, paint additive, and coating material)

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