JSR CEO's Message

JSR was founded in 1957 to provide synthetic rubber to the Japanese tire industry and from the beginning has concentrated on bringing innovation to the chemical industry. This has allowed us to continuously explore and enter new spaces. Today our product domains include Elastomers and Plastics, Digital Solutions and most recently Life Sciences.

We understand that our world is facing many disruptive pressures spanning environmental, geopolitical, business and technical impacts. JSR has consistently fostered a culture centered on curiosity, openness, and adaptability. We believe that change is inevitable, and we embrace the challenges and the opportunities that an ever-evolving landscape presents. Now more than ever, we believe that this mentality will allow us to passionately support our mission of utilizing Materials Innovation to enrich society, people and the environment.

In 2019 we will conclude the last year of our three-year JSR20i9 mid-term plan. Over this period, we focused on positioning each of our businesses for long-term success and made significant investments both in Japan and abroad. Our Japanese foundation and heritage are crucial to our ability to compete and will always be a deeply respected part of our culture, but we must also continue to develop our global presence to thrive in the years to come. Our multi-culturalism is one of our key strengths allowing us to attract and partner with the best and brightest people across the globe.

JSR understands that being a responsible corporate citizen is not simply a perception to manage but rather represents a core value essential to who we want to be as a company. We constantly work to bring improvements both to our organization and to society as a whole. We strive to ensure our work environment is safe and vital; that we act with the highest integrity and our governance is transparent and robust; and that we embrace opportunities to protect and improve the environment. We are committed to being a source of pride to all of our stake holders.

We are grateful for your continuous support.

Representative Director, CEO
Eric Johnson