JSR REPORT 2021 PDF version

Creating Corporate Value PDF:1.95MB
Corporate Mission PDF:166KB
Track Record of Creating Value PDF:1.51MB
Corporate Value Creation Process PDF:264KB
FY2020 Financial & Non-Financial Highlights PDF:120KB
Management Policy PDF:4.34MB
CEO Message PDF:3.28MB
Management Policy PDF:236KB
CFO Message PDF:892KB
Our Strategies for Value Creation PDF:2.67MB
Business Domain and Results of Each Business PDF:656KB
Current Business Environment and Changes of the Business Portfolio PDF:147KB
Business Introduction PDF:1.94MB
Our Forces Supporting Value Creation PDF:2.08MB
Human Resources PDF:119KB
A Growing Network of People and Technology PDF:611KB
Environment PDF:55KB
Corporate Governance PDF:588KB
Occupational Health and Safety, Security Management and Accident Prevention PDF:92KB
Compliance, Risk Management and Supply Chain Management PDF:77KB
Sustainability Performance PDF:181KB
Data Section PDF:142KB
Main Group Enterprises PDF:42KB
Corporate Data PDF:132KB
Financial Section PDF:1.09MB