JSR REPORT 2023 PDF version

Editorial Policy PDF:352KB
Creating Corporate Value PDF:1.23KB
Corporate Mission and Contents PDF:80KB
Trajectory of Achieving Our Corporate Mission PDF:158KB
At a Glance PDF:141KB
The Search for Solutions to Society’s Problems PDF:521KB
Medium- to Long-term Value Creation PDF:447KB
JSR’s Materiality PDF:77KB
Materiality and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) PDF:50KB
Financial Information PDF:54KB
Non-Financial Information PDF:59KB
Management Policy & Strategy PDF:2.21MB
CEO Message PDF:965KB
Medium-term Management Policy PDF:102KB
Digital Solutions Business PDF:559KB
Life Sciences Business PDF:358KB
Plastics Business PDF:265KB
Message from the CTO PDF:111KB
Advanced Case Study PDF:111KB
How We Accelerate Corporate Value Creation PDF:1.09MB
Message from Our Chief Sustainability Officer PDF:140KB
Sustainability Advancement Structure PDF:46KB
Human Capital PDF:141KB
Environment PDF:218KB
Reporting as Based on TCFD Recommendations PDF:50KB
Health and Safety PDF:71KB
Respect for Human Rights PDF:45KB
Supply Chain Management PDF:46KB
Corporate Governance PDF:276KB
Officers PDF:239KB
Compliance PDF:69KB
Risk Management PDF:47KB
Communication with Stakeholders PDF:107KB
Data Section PDF:3.03MB
Ten-Year Summary PDF:55KB
Main Group Enterprises PDF:55KB
Corporate Data PDF:57KB
Management’s Discussion and Analysis PDF:175KB
Consolidated Financial Statements PDF:114KB