JSR's group company - Techno-UMG Co. Ltd., operates the plastics business. Various ABS products are derived from the technological competence of flexible product design, and contain unique characteristics that arise from the combination of several polymers.


ABS General Grade

This ABS resin offers impact resistance, high-fluidity, and high rigidity. It is used in items such as industrial products, electrical devices, household furnishings and game devices.

ABS Heat Resistant Grade

This ABS resin offers superior heat resistance, shock resistance, and outstanding workability. It has wide-ranging use in items such as automotive parts, and electrical devices.

ABS Fire-resistant Grade

This flameproof ABS resin offers fluidity, thermal stability, practical heat resistance, outstanding shock resistance and well-balanced mechanical strength. It is used in office equipment such as copiers, computers and printers, as well as in information equipment such as faxes, terminals and household electrical appliances.

Polymer Alloys

By mixing several polymers together, JSR has lined up polymeric materials that display new characteristics. Products that have various functions, such as superior heat resistance and chemical resistance are available at JSR.

Weather-resistant Resin AES Grade

This ABS resin offers superior weather-resistance, shock resistance, rigidity and outstanding workability. It has wide-ranging use in automotive parts, tools for outdoor use, garden supplies and building materials. AES resin has the same shock resistance, mechanical properties and workability as general ABS resins, and can thus be molded in similar ways to general ABS resins.

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