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Contributing to the Miniaturization of Semiconductors with EUV Photoresists

All things are being connected via the Internet with the advent of the information society and the development of communications technologies to support that. Against that backdrop, PCs, smartphones and other devices have become indispensable for us to lead rich social lives. In addition, with the progress of this information society, data centers are becoming increasingly important as they speedily process the vast quantities of data constantly being generated to facilitate smooth communications.
Semiconductors are essential in these devices and data centers. Accordingly, the miniaturization of semiconductor circuit wiring contributes to improvement in functionality and power saving. Technology which uses light with an extremely short wavelength called extreme ultraviolet (EUV) is currently being used as the technique for that miniaturization. The resin which supports that technology is our EUV photoresists.

Advantages of Miniaturization
Advantages of Miniaturization
Forecast for the EUV Market
Forecast for the EUV Market
Forecast of the semiconductor market: WSTS for 2000 to 2020 and IBS from 2021 onward
Photoresist CAGR: Estimate by JSR

Contributing to the Mass Production of Advanced Semiconductors with World Class High Performance Materials Solutions

Inpria, which joined JSR Group in 2021, is developing Metal Oxide Resist (MOR), which are in the spotlight as EUV photoresist ideal for EUVs. MOR can be reliably formed on the miniature semiconductor circuit boards on the nanometer level, deemed difficult using conventional materials (CAR), thanks to Inpria’s metal EUV photoresist technology. This greatly increases semiconductor performance, substantially evolves the functions of the machinery and devices they are used in, and contributes to greater convenience and comfort in our day-to-day lives.

The mass production of advanced semiconductors using MOR is expected to begin in 2030 or later. Inpria is now working to build an optimized quality, mass production, and sales systems for customers’ manufacturing processes while utilizing JSR’s knowhow gained from many years in the semiconductor business. This groundwork for the mass production of advanced semiconductors is vital for the future of JSR Group’s digital solutions business. With the partnership between Inpria and JSR the key, we are carrying out promotional activities with customers of advanced semiconductors through collaboration with JSR’s sales offices in Taiwan, South Korea and the United States to kickstart this partnership. Through this, JSR Group will be able to enhance its collective strengths and contribute to a better quality of life and people’s happiness through digital solutions.

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Comparison of resolution
Difference in resolution of 18nm width

Realizing Comfortable Driving with a Reduction of Squeaks in Vehicles

Suppressing Abnormal Noises in Automobiles with HUSHLLOYTM Anti-squeak Material

EVs are spreading around the world at an accelerated pace on the back of stricter regulations to stop global warming and prevent air pollution.
On the other hand, this has led to the problem that the quietness of these vehicles means that even slight abnormal noises in them cause annoyance.
JSR Group’s HUSHLLOYTM anti-squeak material reduces the squeaks generated from the joints of plastic parts; obtaining a permanent effect that contributes to ensuring a safe and comfortable driving environment. Not only that, it also lightens the workload in terms of applying grease and affixing non-woven fabric which have been taken as measures by hand up to now.

Points where squeaks are effectively suppressed by using HUSHLLOYTM
Points where squeaks are effectively suppressed by using HUSHLLOYTM