Biodiversity Conservation

1. Philosophy on Biodiversity

At JSR Group, our management policy is to proactively contribute to the conservation of biodiversity through our business activities. As a company that handles chemical substances, it is our duty to contribute to the realization of a sustainable global environment and society. Therefore, we consider reducing the environmental impacts arising from our business activities and appropriately managing chemical substances to be priority issues. Accordingly, we are taking actions in areas such as climate change mitigation, conservation of water resources, waste reduction, initiatives to prevent pollution, and chemical management, which we believe will help achieve biodiversity conservation.

2. Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

(1) Company-wide Activities

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In addition to the above, we have established the JSR Group Paper Procurement Guidelines to promote sustainable use of forest resources. Following these guidelines, we promote initiatives that prioritize the procurement of company envelopes, copy paper, and other materials made primarily from used paper, or paper with FSC or other forest sustainability certifications.

(2) Site-specific Activities

JSR Group continues to conduct resource conservation activities at each business site and clean-up activities in local communities, beaches and rivers. These activities also foster good relationships with local communities and residents.

JSR Micro, Inc. (United States)

JSR Micro, Inc. hosted an environmental event in celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2023. On the day of the event, a contest was held to share sustainable activities that employees can carry out on a daily basis. We received entry submissions including efforts on and photos of garbage collection, use of alternative modes of transportation, display of recycled products, low carbon/vegan recipes, and sustainable product use at home, from which winners were chosen.

JSR Micro, N.V. (Belgium)

JSR Micro, N.V. holds the "ik kyoto" event from May to October every year. Many employees participate in this event that advances the use of sustainable transportation and reduction of CO2 emissions.

The company also recycles broken laptops as much as possible and plants as many trees as the computers it donates.

Tree planting

Ube Plant of Techno-UMG Co., Ltd. (Japan)

The Ube Plant of Techno-UMG Co., Ltd. participates in the Water Conservation Forest Creation Experience Activity held in Yamaguchi Prefecture every year as a corporate member of the Kotou River Industrial Water Users Council. Through the thinning of trees and bamboo, we deepen our understanding of the role of forests and the necessity of forest upkeep, and contribute to watershed conservation in the Kotou River Dam basin.

We also participate in the Activity to Protect and Nurture the Grasslands of Akiyoshidai in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (traditional events of himichi-kiri and yama-yaki [controlled burning of mountains]) every year. This activity is a traditional event with the participation of related organizations and local people, as well as companies and their families in the prefecture.
We will continue to assist with these events and contribute to the community.

Emulsion Technology Co., Ltd., Japan Coloring, Co., Ltd., Techno-UMG Co., Ltd.

Emulsion Technology Co., Ltd., Japan Coloring, Co., Ltd., and Techno-UMG Co., Ltd. are donating a portion of sales from beverage vending machines to the Mie Prefecture Greening Promotion Association.
These donations are used to promote greening, such as tree planting and thinning.

Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. has concluded an agreement with Nagano Prefecture and conservation groups on activities centered on wild bird protection, and is contributing to the protection of wild birds.

JSR Headquarters

The JSR Headquarters uses paper from the Forest Neighborhood Association* when creating printed materials.
In FY2022, we used 3.11 tons of paper and contributed to the thinning of 0.21 hectares of forests in Iwate Prefecture.

*Forest Neighborhood Association (Morino Chonai-Kai): A system in which companies purchase and use paper made from thinned wood as an environmental contribution to compensate for the shortfall in thinning costs. Thinning helps maintain healthy forests and contributes to the prevention of global warming and landslides and conservation of biodiversity.

JSR BiRD (Japan)

JSR BiRD employees attend local clean-up activities that are held regularly in contributing to the maintenance of the community environment.

The company also purchases beverages from a social welfare corporation in Kawasaki City, which are provided to clean-up activity participants, to also contribute to social welfare.

3. Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives Within the Product Life Cycle

(1) Raw Materials Procurement

We included Environmental Conservation as a clause in the JSR Group CSR/Sustainable Procurement Policy, and request that our business partners support and comply with the policy. In addition, we conduct surveys to assess the status of environmental conservation by our business partners.

(2) Product Safety

We provide product safety data sheets (SDS) to customers to ensure safe product use and prevent improper handling that may affect the surrounding environment.

(3) Logistics

We are working with business partners in transportation and logistics companies to achieve environmentally friendly and efficient transportation.