JSR Group’s Responsible Care

JSR Group promotes Responsible Care (RC) activities according to a detailed action plan following its corporate mission, management policies and Responsible Care Policy. As a chemical manufacturer with close roots in local communities, we strive to ensure environmental protection and safety in an effort to co-exist with our various stakeholders. Below, we provide an update on our detailed RC activities for FY2022.

Management System

Environmental Conservation

Chemical and Product Safety

Communication with Society

What is RC?

RC is an acronym for Responsible Care®. In the chemical industry, each company handling chemical substances is responsible for ensuring that safety, health, and environmental issues are addressed throughout the chemical lifecycle, from development and production to distribution, use, as well as end-of-life disposal and recycling, publishing the results of their activities and maintaining dialogue and communication with society - all voluntarily. This initiative is called "Responsible Care."

Started in Canada in 1985, Responsible Care is practiced in the chemical industries of 62 countries and regions of the world (as of 2017). It has attracted considerable international attention as a unique initiative unseen in other industries, and is even encouraged in an action plan (Agenda 21) for implementation by countries and related international organizations to achieve sustainable development in the 21st century that was adopted at the “Earth Summit” (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992.

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