SocietyHuman Rights

1. Philosophy

As a global company, JSR Group supports the thinking behind the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the UN Global Compact and accordingly respects the basic human rights and diversity of individuals. We also understand that we must fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights in all of our business activities.

2. Advancement Structure

We promote respect for human rights as an activity guideline of the Corporate Ethics Committee. The Corporate Ethics Committee is charged with formulating and executing plans to promote human rights and verifying their progress.

3. Establishment of JSR Group’s Human Rights Policy

As the provisions of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights clearly state, companies have a social responsibility to respect human rights. Fulfilling this responsibility requires having guidelines that are shared and understood throughout the entire group and that can provide the foundation for promoting respect for human rights. JSR is a participant in Global Compact Network Japan’s Human Rights Due Diligence Subcommittee. As such, we have acquired knowledge that has proved useful in studying the ideal human rights policy for JSR Group. In September 2021, we established the “JSR Group’s Human Rights Policy” following a review by concerned divisions and Group companies in Japan and overseas. The review took into account the aims of the Government of Japan’s “National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights” of October 2020. While ensuring that this new policy becomes firmly embedded into the consciousness of each employee, JSR Group will study the introduction of a framework for “human rights due diligence” and effective initiatives in the supply chain.

JSR Group's Human Rights Policy (September 2021)

4. Response to Human Rights Issues

(1) Participation in Global Initiatives

The JSR Group is a signatory and supporter of the United Nations Global Compact. We also actively participate in subcommittee activities provided by Global Compact Network Japan. As participants in GCNJ’s Human Rights Due Diligence Subcommittee, we gather pertinent information through workshops, group work activities, and the like and disseminate it throughout the company. In group work activities, we participated in a human rights policy group and presented a model case for newly formulating human rights policy under the theme of “our vision of the ideal framework for human rights policy.” We also applied insights that we acquired through these activities in formulating the JSR Group’s Human Rights Policy. As we believe this policy must continue to be understood and diffused throughout the entire Group, we have decided to join GCNJ’s Human Rights Education Subcommittee. We will utilize the knowledge we gain from the subcommittee’s activities to consider the forms of education and training that are most appropriate for promoting respect for human rights within JSR Group.

(2) Respect for Human Rights in the Supply Chain

JSR Group also understands the necessity of promoting activities oriented toward respect for human rights in the supply chain. To put this into practice, we reflected the importance of respect for human rights in the items included in a questionnaire survey that we revised in 2017 and in the “JSR Group CSR/Sustainable Procurement Policy” established in 2018. Additionally, the “JSR Group’s Human Rights Policy” clearly states that we will continue to encourage our business partners in the supply chain to support this policy and adopt a similar policy. We will continue taking the steps necessary to strengthen collaboration with partners in the supply chain and enhance our respect for human rights.