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1. Philosophy

Water is an essential resource for living beings. Globally, freshwater, in particular, is an extremely valuable resources. In Japan, as in other countries, water resources are being affected by natural disasters caused by abnormal weather events, some of which are a result of climate change. This makes the appropriate management of water resources a necessity.
JSR Group uses such water resources for drinking water, of course, but also as a raw material and coolant in its manufacturing processes. We strive to recycle water in our processes and, after it is used, appropriately purify it before discharging it to rivers.

2. Breakdown of water consumption (by intake source) and recycling rate

JSR consumed 13,620,000 m3 of industrial water, groundwater*1 and tap water in FY2020. Of this amount, 26.6% was recycled in plant processes. We will endeavor to manage our water resources by continuing this effort, with the goal of “maintaining our current recycling rate.”

(x 1,000 m3/year)
FY 2013 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Industrial water 14,73413,91713,66714,79014,30913.193
Ground water 234354393313408259
Tap water 167176200172171169
Total Water Consumption 15,13414,44714,25915,27514,88813,620
Usage of recycling water 4,4964,1934,2504,4814,2103,624
Recycling rate (%) 29.729.029.829.328.326.6

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*1 Groundwater is not used at the Yokkaichi and Chiba Plants.

3. JSR Group’s Water Consumption and Total Amount of Wastewater

In FY2020, our water consumption stood at 18,734, 000 m3 (a 9% year-on-year decrease) and our total amount wastewater was 14,616,000 m3 (a 9% year-on-year decrease).
We will strive to appropriately manage our water resources with recognition of society’s growing attentiveness to them.

Water consumption

Water consumption

Amount of Wastewater

Amount of Wastewater