JSR Group's SustainabilityJSR Group’s Contribution to Attainment of the SDGs

1. Philosophy

The JSR Group believes that there is a need to deeply understand global issues, such as the SDGs*1, and other social problems apparent in various regions in order to carry out corporate activities. Activities to resolve these issues are new business opportunities, and are also linked to expanded business fields and enhanced corporate value. The JSR Group will do its part to achieve the SDGs by creating value through its corporate activity.
At the same time, we view the SDGs as challenges within the Group’s management foundation and therefore promote activities that give attention to them in our internal operations.

*1 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
“Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” was adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015. The SDGs are comprised of 17 goals and 169 targets that all United Nations member states strive to achieve by 2030 for the purpose of bringing sustainability to the global environment and people's lives. In addition to conventional development goals, such as eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, the SDGs also cover challenges faced by developed countries, among them gender (sex as determined by social and cultural factors) equality, creation of a strong employment environment, reexamination of production and consumption, climate change mitigation, conservation of resources, and development of safe communities.

2. JSR Group Activities

(1) Contributions through business activities

The JSR Group helps resolve various social issues through business activities in line with growth scenarios for individual businesses that are oriented toward an “ideal” Group in 2030, as well as through business activities that seize new business opportunities. We know that we must continue to move quickly in response to changes in society’s needs, supply new product lines that help resolve social issues, and work with our clients to contribute to achieving SDGs.

Contributions through business activities

Example: Products that contribute to resolving social issues

Example: Products that contribute to resolving social issues

(2) Resolving management foundation challenges

The JSR Group believes that resolving challenges in the management foundation that supports JSR’s business activities is linked to achieving the SDGs. For example, our product production has an impact on the environment in terms of consuming natural resources (namely energy and water), emitting greenhouse gases, and producing waste. We continue engaging in various activities to alleviate these effects. Moreover, we consider diversity initiatives aimed at broadening our human resources with respect for different values and “work-style innovation” aimed at improving labor productivity to be activities that are linked to achievement of the SDGs. We are thus working to promote them accordingly.

Resolving management foundation challenges

Example: Activities to reduce environmental burdens

Activities to reduce environmental burdens