SocietyProduct Safety

1. Philosophy and Advancement Structure

JSR Group advances measures pertaining to product safety under its Responsible Care Policy. The Group’s Environment, Safety and Quality Committee takes the lead in formulating items for promoting product safety as well concrete action plans founded on those items.

2. Product Safety

JSR strives to offer quality products and services that both meet customer requirements and ensure user safety based on this product safety policy: “Verify safety at all stages, from raw materials to finished products, protecting the health and property of all individuals involved.”

(1) Product Liability Prevention (PLP) Guiding Principles

Maintaining respect for humanity, JSR does business with based on the following PLP Guiding Principles

  • Social mission:
    The company’s social mission is to pursue safety in the products it supplies and to ensure the safety and health of those who use them.
  • Customer trust:
    Activities that unfailingly execute PLP and continually supply safe products lead to customer trust.
  • Prevention:
    The essential point of PLP is to take all possible preventative measures to ensure that product accidents do not occur.
  • Company-wide activity:
    PLP activities are executed through collaboration among concerned departments and with the combined strength of JSR and JSR Group.

(2) Product Liability Prevention (PLP) Activities

In 1994, JSR enacted its Product Liability Prevention (PLP) Standards to reinforce product safety efforts. Since then, we have taken steps to prevent PLP risk by making revisions to the standards as necessary and establishing regulations for each part of the supply chain; namely, design and development, manufacture, sales, and distribution.

We have expanded our business categories to include the elastomer business (which includes tire materials), the digital solutions business (which includes semiconductor materials and display materials), and the life sciences business. Thus, at the design stage, we focus on reviews as a materials manufacturer that meets the demands of a diverse range of customers with different needs.

At the design and development stages, we work to prevent PLP risk by conducting ordinary design reviews and also preparing a “PLP check sheet.” With this PLP check sheet, we have a system whereby we conduct multifaceted safety checks on new products to be introduced to the market that start at the product design stage. A product only goes on the market after it has been approved by the department manager. For us, PLP activities are the basis upon which we grasp the standards our customers demand and raise the reliability of our products. Group companies are currently taking similar steps.

To prevent accidents involving our products, we also strive to improve quality management throughout our supply chains―everything from raw materials procurement to distribution―by communicating with our customers and strengthening our efforts to prevent product accidents, such as by revising our quality management system and updating assessment technologies.

We use safety data sheets (SDS) to provide customers with information on the dangers and toxicities of our projects.