SocietySocial Contributions

1. Philosophy

JSR Group established its "Philosophy to Social Contribution" in January 2009. We are currently implementing the initiatives outlined in this philosophy.

Philosophy to Social Contributions

  • 1) Our Corporate Mission dictates that we contribute to society through our business activities. Further, we are actively engaged in providing solutions to social requirements and issues as a responsible member of society.
  • 2) We are continuously engaged in positive social contribution activities, capitalizing on the chemical and technical knowledge and skills that form the core of JSR business.
  • 3) Every employee is a point of contact between the Company and society, and we actively support our employees in their voluntary participation in social contribution activities.

Additionally, in 2010 we established "standards for making donations to disasters" in order to stipulate evaluation criteria when making donations to natural disasters. This brought greater clarity to standards and allows contributions to be made promptly and fairly.

2. Advancement Structure

The JSR Sustainability Planning Committee plans and executes activities that promote JSR Group's standing as a good corporate citizen.

3. Initiatives Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic

JSR Group will work as a one to address challenges associated with the COVID-19 threat. Visit the following links for information on specific initiatives.

We also donated a total of 100,000 masks to local governments near our main sites.

Certificate of appreciation received from Kamisu City

Certificate of appreciation received from Kamisu City

4. Approaches in FY2020

The following section describes some of our main social contributions for FY2020.

(1) Academics, Education, Culture

JSR Group provides support for young-generation development and education opportunities through continued efforts to provide education and internship opportunities to students both in Japan and abroad. We also provide career experience opportunities. In FY2020, we scaled back face-to-face activities to help check the spread of COVID-19.

Employee-led lectures at Nihon University

Each year, employees of JSR’s Chiba Plant give lectures at Nihon University’s College of Industrial Technology. These lectures constitute a part of our efforts to promote collaboration between industry and academia.*
On November 3, 2020, employees led online lectures on “The Properties and Manufacturing Processes of Rubber” and “Quality Assurance.” They were attended by some 127 students.

* Ichihara City's program to strengthen collaboration between industry and academia

Support for undergraduate students, graduate students, and international students

We provided assistance to students who are facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
By providing scholarships through universities, we aim to help students―whom we view as the creators of our future―concentrate on their studies.

Creation of educational opportunities Participation in book bag donations in Yokkaichi

Since 2014, the Yokkaichi Plant, with cooperation from JSR Group and JSR Labor Union, has participated in the "Memory Book Bag (Randoseru) for Children in Afghanistan" event held by JOICFP, an NGO engaged in international cooperation. Through the event, we donate used school bags to underprivileged children in Afghanistan to assist in their education. The event's aim is to help give children the knowledge and information they need to keep themselves and their families healthy by attending school and learning to read and write. In May 2020, we again donated book bags as well as pencils, notebooks, and other stationery. We will remain involved with this event as a form of social contribution in which individual employees can participate.

Donated book bags and stationery

Donated book bags and stationery

Support for the non-profit organization Supporting Organization for Artists of Tohoku (SOAT)

JSR supports the activities of the non-profit organization SOAT.
SOAT carries out support activities for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011 by creating motivation in life through art workshops.

Donations to the Otsukado Performing Arts Preservation Society

The Otsukado Performing Arts Preservation Society in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture, is committed to preserving Tsunabi, a kind of traditional play that dates back to the Edo Period. The play is enacted with wooden dolls wrapped in fireworks that hang from a string. It is performed for the public every year at the Grand Festival at Hitokotonushi Shrine in Otsukado. Elastimix donates to this preservation society to help keep this tradition alive.

Participation in the Human Resources Fostering Program in Chemistry

The Human Resources Fostering Program in Chemistry was created by the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA) in October 2010. It is based on a proposal made in a report prepared in April of the same year by the "Kagaku Bijon Kenkyukai" (chemistry vision study group) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The program informs universities of the chemical industry's human resources needs. The industry then supports the university courses that can meet these needs and their students. The program’s purpose is to develop the young people who will serve as the foundation for stronger international competitiveness and industrial promotion in Japan's chemical industry. We use the program to support courses engaged in outstanding initiatives and their students.

(2) Community activities, environment

JSR Group undertakes various activities to build good relationships with local communities and people living nearby. The Group’s offices and plants in Japan and abroad continually conduct clean-ups targeting nearby communities, coastlines and rivers, and other areas.

Participation in a beach cleanup on a remote island

JSR's Yokkaichi Plant participates in coastal cleanup activities on Toshijima, an island in Toba City, Mie Prefecture. Companies and organizations that are members of the Mie Prefecture Industrial Waste Solutions Promotion Committee and environmental administrators of Mie Prefecture participate. JSR's Yokkaichi Plant serves as an executive member company of the committee.

Participation in hands-on forestation development activities to protect water resources

Techno-UMG Co., Ltd. participates in hands-on forest development that protects water resources.
Techno-UMG participates in these activities each year as a member company of the Kotogawa Industrial Water Users' Association. Their aim is to cultivate and maintain the water sources of the Kotogawa Dam watershed while also encouraging a better understanding of the roles that forests have and the necessity of forest development through hands-on thinning of trees and bamboo. Each year, Techno-UMG also participates in efforts to protect and nurture grasslands on the Akiyoshidai Plateau, located in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
These activities are undertaken with the participation of concerned organizations and local residents as well as companies that do business in the prefecture and their employees' families.
Techno-UMG's Ube Plant makes a local contribution by assisting with water conservation activities and traditional events.

  • Forestation development activities to protect water resources
  • Forestation development activities to protect water resources

Forestation development activities to protect water resources

Forestation development activities to protect water resources

Releases of aquatic organisms

Elastomix (Thailand) released fish together with Amata City.
And JSR BST Elastomer (Thailand) participated in a freshwater fish release in Nong Bua Daeng, Rayong Province.

Donation to a greenery promotion organization

Emulsion Technology donates a portion of its beverage vending machine sales to the Mie Greening Promotion Association.
The donations are used to promote tree planting. periodic forest thinning, and other forms of greening.

(3) Social welfare and health

Cooperation with blood donation activities

Blood cannot be stored for a long time, nor can artificial blood be created.
JSR Group has long been an active participant in blood donation activities at both domestic and overseas offices and plants. In this way, the Group helps to ensure a stable supply of blood to medical institutions and save the lives of as many people as possible.

Mutual aid fundraising

JSR Micro Korea donated the money collected from the in-house bazaar auction to the Community Chest for Social Welfare.

Donation of foreign coins

JSR Group has been conducting a foreign coin collection campaign since 2009 to assist a program that supports children around the world through the Japan Committee for UNICEF. Collection boxes for this purpose have been set up in the Tokyo, Yokkaichi, and Tsukuba Districts.
These coins are effectively utilized to protect the life, health, and rights of children in developing countries.

A collection box (Tokyo)

A collection box (Tokyo)

Donations to food banks

Whenever JSR Group updates the emergency supplies and food stocks stored at its business bases, it donates those items that are still within their “best-by” period to nearby food banks.
The donated food items are delivered from the food banks to facilities and people in need, and thereby help people in difficult circumstances get by.

Participation in aluminum can collection activities

Since October 2010, the JSR Yokkaichi Plant has been participating in aluminum can collection activities for “i-project”, an independence support organization for children with disabilities in Yokkaichi City. Aluminum cans are useful in “can crushing,” which is a form of multi-functional work activity. We therefore plan to continue participating in this activity.

Plastic bottle cap collection

In the Tokyo and Yokkaichi Districts and at JM Energy, JSR Group collects plastic bottle caps that would ordinarily be incinerated as waste and sells them to recycling companies. The funds earned through this activity are then used to provide vaccinations to children around the world.

Plastic bottle cap and aluminum can collection boxes (JSR Yokkaichi Plant)

Plastic bottle cap and aluminum can collection boxes (JSR Yokkaichi Plant)

The Table for Two Program

The JSR Group's Tokyo and Yokkaichi Districts have participated in the TFT program run by the non-profit organization TABLE FOR TWO since February 2010. We have donated approximately 180,000 meals as of the end of March 2020.
TFT is an initiative for sharing meals with children in developing countries. When an employee purchases a healthy meal designated by TFT, 20 yen of its price is donated to buy a school meal for a child in a developing country. School meals do more than satisfy children’s hunger; they also improve school attendance rates and academic performance, improve children’s physical fitness, strengthen disease prevention, and lead to the formation of communities between schools and parents. They therefore play an important role in solving poverty.
In Yokkaichi City, activities (CUP FOR TWO) that utilize beverage vending machines are ongoing.

The Table for Two Program

JSR donations to help resolve global health issues

We make donations to the Japan branch of the Médecins Sans Frontières NGO and other medical care support programs that provide treatment for HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases, such as cholera and malaria.

(4) Assistance to disaster-stricken areas

Presenting recent developments and products of Tohoku via the company intranet

Due to the government’s declaration of a state of emergency amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, we decided to use the company’s intranet to present recent happenings and products of the Tohoku region in lieu of the annual “Tohoku reconstruction support market.*1
A decade has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. And while the affected areas are steadily recovering, they continue to need support in rebuilding their communities, providing psychological support, and creating a sense of purpose in life. JSR Group will continue to actively meet society’s requirements and resolve social issues as a responsible member of the community.

*1 “Tohoku reconstruction support market”: A sustainability project that sells products from three Tohoku prefectures that were particularly affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima) and fosters communication between employees and Tohoku residents.

(5) Employee volunteer activity support

JSR actively supports employees who voluntarily participate in social contribution activities. Employees can take up to five days of paid leave per year as a part of our paid volunteer leave system. This allows them to participate in social contribution activities that occur during working hours.