Communication with Stakeholders

1. Philosophy

In our management policy, the JSR Group specifies "Responsibilities toward Stakeholders", which expresses our responsibilities as a member of society. We are promoting approaches that contribute to all stakeholders, including customers/business partners, employees, society/environment and shareholders.

As a result, as a concrete guideline that is common throughout our global sites, we have established the "JSR Group Company's Code of Ethics". Each employee is making approaches toward resolving challenges while valuing bi-directional dialogues with stakeholders, based on shared, fundamental values such as a corporate philosophy, management policy, behavioral guideline, etc.

2. Examples of communication with stakeholders

Stakeholder JSR Group's Responsibility Main methods /
opportunities for dialogue
Customers /
Business Partners
  • Never cease to challenge changes and evolve, to support the diverse material needs of the ever-changing times.
  • Aim for sustainable improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • Approach all business partners with sincerity, and always continue maintaining fair and equitable business relations.
  • Continue considering the environment and society in supply chains.


  • Received the Meritorious Service Award from Samsung Display
  • Communication through sales activities such as the publication of a market report
  • Providing information through SDS (safety data sheet), website, etc.
  • Quality Assurance Support
  • Implementation of customer satisfaction surveys
  • Support of CSR surveys from customers

Business Partners

  • Communication through purchasing activities such as Partner Awards
  • Support of CSR surveys from business partners
  • Distribution of JSR Group CSR procurement policy
  • Supplier hotline
  • Evaluate each employee based on fair standards.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to constantly challenge themselves.
  • Continue providing opportunities for employees to mutually recognize each others' personalities and diversity, and to flourish together.
  • Labor-Management council and workplace meetings
  • Commendation system
  • Employee awareness survey
  • Various training programs (stratified education, technical training, etc.)
  • Corporate climate reform activities (interactive education, OJT promotion activities, communication improvement activities, etc.)
  • Activities to promote sustainability and Responsible Care
Local / Society
  • As a responsible member of local society, continue carrying out business activities that take the environment and safety into consideration (responsible care).
  • Continue providing environment-conscious products that support the needs for global environmental conservation, including reduction of local environmental burdens.
  • Make efforts to reduce environmental burdens that are generated from the product lifecycle as a whole, and continue making considerations to the environment and safety.
  • Continue actively contributing to the preservation of biodiversity through business activities.
  • Participation in local responsible care dialogues (at plants)
  • Local cleanup activities (plants, research labs)
  • articipation in environmental conservation activities, such as beach clean-ups and forest preservation
  • Participation in visiting lectures at schools and in projects to develop skilled workers
  • Participation in social welfare activities (blood donation, fundraising activities, etc.)
  • Contribution towards disaster areas, support for employee volunteer activities
Shareholders /
  • Create business opportunities through materials and aim to expand corporate value.
  • Constantly improve management efficiency.
  • Become a company that is trusted by shareholders, through highly-transparent and robust corporate management.
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Corporate strategy meeting, financial results briefing, individual meetings with investors and analysts
  • Publication of JSR Report (Integrated Report)
  • Publication of corporate governance report
  • Provision of information through websites

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