Evaluation by Outside Organization

Social Issues Attributable to JSR Group's Corporate Activity Human Rights

1. Philosophy

As a global company, JSR Group supports the thinking behind the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the UN Global Compact and accordingly respects the basic human rights and diversity of individuals. Moreover, we will not discriminate nor permit discrimination on the basis of gender, age, nationality, ethnic group, race, origin, religion, beliefs, social status, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

2. Advancement Structure

We promote respect for human rights as an activity guideline of the Corporate Ethics Committee. The Corporate Ethics Committee is charged with formulating and executing plans to promote human rights and verifying their progress.

3. Response to Human Rights Issues

(1) Participation in Global Initiatives

The JSR Group is a signatory and supporter of the United Nations Global Compact. We also participate in the Human Rights Due Diligence Working Group of Global Compact Network Japan and, as such, participate in workshops and gather and disseminate pertinent information within the company.

As a specific activity in FY2019, we participated in a human rights policy group and presented a model case for newly formulating human rights policy under the theme of “our vision of the ideal framework for human rights policy.”

At the present time, we have begun applying knowledge we obtained through this activity in a study toward formulation of JSR Group’s human rights policy with concerned departments in the company.

(2) Principles of Corporate Ethics

JSR Group respects human rights and prohibits discrimination by establishing the following code of conduct for human rights and labor in the JSR Group Principles of Corporate Ethics.

Code of Conduct for Respecting Human Rights

1) We will respect and uphold basic human rights, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, declared internationally and protected under constitution and legal precedents of respective countries, and will not infringe basic human rights.

2) We shall never allow child labor or forced compulsory labor, whether at the JSR Group or in the workplaces of business partners and collaborating companies.

3) We will abide by national and international labor codes and respect workers’ right of association and right for collective negotiation in the realm of basic labor rights.

4. Respect for Human Rights in the Labor Environment

JSR Group respects the human rights of employees by clearly specifying its responsibilities to employees in its management policies.

  • To be evaluated and rewarded based on fair standards
  • Continuous opportunities to grow by challenging themselves
  • Acceptance of the diversity of fellow colleagues and to be provided a place where all employees can work together as a team

5. Respect for Human Rights in the Supply Chain

JSR Group clearly specifies its responsibilities to customers and business partners in its management policies.

  • Act in good faith and maintain fair and equitable business relations
  • Continue to be socially and environmentally conscious throughout the supply chain

Specifically, we respect the human rights of our customers and business partners through our supply chain management.