Evaluation by Outside Organization

JSR Group's CSR Priority Issues to be Addressed by JSR Group

As part of our efforts to integrate our management and CSR, we identify priority issues to help realize a sustainable global environment and society. To assist us in this process, we arrange issues using a matrix comprised of two axes; namely, "Importance for JSR Group (Internal Factors)" and "Importance for Stakeholders (External Factors)." We then identify those that have high priority for our Group and for our stakeholders as "Priority Issues Considered by JSR Group." In April 2017, which marked the start of our mid-term business plan "JSR20i9," we rearranged priority issues into three categories—"Social Issues that JSR Group Can Help Resolve," "Social Issues Attributable to JSR Group's Corporate Activity," and "Basic Issues in JSR Group's Corporate Activity"—with a view to advancing our CSR activities.

Social Issues that JSR Group Can Help Resolve Social Issues Attributable to JSR Group's Corporate Activity

Communication with Shareholders

Basic Issues in JSR Group's Corporate Activity
Corporate Governance
Risk Management
Responsible Care

We believe that the priority issues will evolve with changes in society's demands on us and in accordance with our various stakeholders' views and needs. We will therefore review and re-specify them through the following operations.

1) We will confirm the issues' validity each year by conducting checks through engagement with experts, employees, responsible care activities, and the like.

2) We will periodically review priority issues while maintaining the transparency and acceptability of the process for specifying them by exchanging views with experts whenever we formulate a new mid-term plan.

During our review of item 2) above in FY2019, we held a dialogue with knowledgeable persons on the theme of “JSR Group’s Materiality and the SDGs.” Through it, we received some valuable insights concerning JSR Group’s next mid-term business plan and steps that can be taken in reorienting our long-term strategy. We will consider these insights when reviewing JSR Group’s materiality and disclose the results in our next CSR Report in 2020.

Primary topics of discussion during previous meetings with experts

1) Annual discussions to confirm issues' validity

Conservation of Biodiversity
JSR Group Environmental Protection Efforts
Corporate Mission and CSR through Business
Work Styles and the Development of the Human Resources that will Lead JSR Group in the Next Generation
Work-Style Innovation x Digitalization

2) Discussions for periodic review

Verification of Priority Issues to be Addressed by JSR Group
JSR Group’s Materiality and the SDGs