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Product Information

JSR products plat a role in various aspects of daily life.


Product Domain


General Purpose Synthetic Rubbers
Special-Purpose Synthetic Rubbers

Electronic Materials

Lithography Materials
Process Materials
Device Integration Materials

Display Materials

LCD Materials
Next Generation Display Materials


Battery Materials / Particles Use

Life Sciences Business

In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Science Research / Bioprocess Materials

Edge Computing Materials

Heat Resistant Transparent Resins / Optical Fiber Coating Materials

Thermoplastic Elastomers

Thermoplastic Elastomers
Hydrogenated Polymers

Performance Chemicals

Water-based Emulsion / Heat Storage Materials


ABS Plastics / AES Plastics

LED related Materials


Digital 3D Manufacturing, Microwave Molding / Photo Molding

Carbon Digital Manufacturing
Stereolithography 3D Printer
Microwave Molding / Photo Molding

Electricity Storage Devices

Lithium-ion Capacitors


Information and Communications

Semiconductors / Optical Fibers
Displays / Others

Automobile & Transportation

Tires / Automobile Parts

Life Sciences

Medical Supplies / in vitro diagnostics reagents / purification process of antibody drugs / Others

Environment & Energy

Lithium-ion Capacitors
Lithium-ion Batteries
LED / Others

Building and Construction

Modifiers / Adhesives
Waterproof Coatings / Paints

Miscellaneous goods / Others

Home Appliances / Plastic Trays / Shoe Soles
Digital 3D Manufacturing, Microwave Molding
Photo Molding Coated Papers / Others

Product List