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JSR Group's CSR CSR Management and Advancement Structure

Under the corporate mission "Materials Innovation - We create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment," JSR Group aims to build and maintain good relationship with all of our stakeholders and become an indispensable corporate citizen. To succeed, we are working to resolve key social issues by integrating management and CSR and demonstrating our corporate mission with actual results.

1. CSR Committee

JSR has established a CSR Committee that reports directly to the Representative Director to promote JSR Group's CSR. Four committees are set up under the CSR Committee: The Corporate Ethics Committee, Responsible Care (RC) Committee, Risk Management Committee, and Social Contribution Committee. The CSR Committee supervises and guides the four committees and endeavors to strengthen CSR management through regularly scheduled meetings (held four times annually) as well as extraordinary meetings.

Chaired by the officer in charge of CSR, the CSR Committee's meetings are attended by officers responsible for manufacturing, manufacturing technologies, safety and environmental affairs, research and development, human resources development, accounting and financial affairs, corporate planning, corporate communications, legal affairs, general affairs, the Elastomers Business, the Digital Solutions Business, and the Life Sciences Business. Also attending and participating are the offices of the four aforementioned committees. The committee operates with a structure that covers all businesses and functions of JSR Group. We endeavor to build confidence among our customers and a sense of security among those who live near our facilities by disclosing information on the content and results of those activities in the CSR Report.
Moreover, we strive to raise CSR Report's reliability and transparency by having the report undergo third-party certification.

CSR Committee

2. The Corporate Ethics Committee

JSR Group practices and promotes corporate ethics by setting down the JSR Group Principles of Corporate Ethics—a code of conduct for fulfilling our "responsibility to our stakeholders," one of the management policies that support the realization of our management philosophy—and establishing a Corporate Ethics Committee chaired by the officer in charge of general affairs.
The Corporate Ethics Committee makes certain that JSR's Course of Action is recognized throughout the organization as a statement demanding compliance in the Group's daily corporate activity. The committee also regularly confirms the circumstances of compliance each year and works to continually improve them.
Our concern for ethics also extends to our internal reporting system. For employees, we have an internal hotline connected to the Corporate Ethics Committee, an external hotline connected to a designated independent attorney, and an external hotline connected to an independent and specialized outside organization that is capable of handling communication in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. We have also set up an external hotline for our business partners.

3. The Responsible Care (RC) Committee

We engage in responsible care based on our belief that "making sustainable development possible" is a form of corporate responsibility. Seeing this as a key issue that is fundamental to management, we are working for the effective promotion of company-wide responsible care-related activities by establishing a Responsible Care (RC) Committee that is chaired by the officer in charge of safety and environmental affairs.

The committee approves plans that concern responsible care and evaluates and verifies the results of related activities. It also works to maintain and improve the level of responsible care practiced in such areas as the elimination of accidents, reduction of environmental burden, chemical management, and product safety.

4. The Risk Management Committee

We believe that preventing major crises and minimizing their effects on business activities should they occur are important management challenges. Given this, we have formulated Risk Management Policies and established a Risk Management Committee that is chaired by the officer in charge of corporate management.
The Risk Management Committee promotes continuous improvement of response guidelines and response plans for both manifested and potential crises.

5. The Social Contribution Committee

We established a Social Contribution Committee that is chaired by the officer in charge of corporate communications. The committee studies new activities and advances existing activities based on JSR Group's Philosophy for Occupational Health and Safety.