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Social Issues Attributable to JSR Group's Corporate Activity / Logistics Safety

Cooperation that goes beyond JSR’s business establishments to include the entire supply chain is important in maintaining and improving the environment, safety, and quality in logistics. JSR Group makes various efforts to ensure the safe and environment-friendly transport of products.

1. Policy

Each year, JSR executes activities to manage risks and ensure safety after formulating a health and safety promotion plan at each plant based on the Philosophy and Course of Action for Occupational Health and Safety.

We formulate these plans based on actual results and issues from the previous fiscal year from the standpoint of the PDCA cycle and then implement activities with the aim of eliminating logistics and workplace accidents.

2. Safety Initiatives

(1) Identification and Improvement of Risks

We strive to improve the safety of our logistics sites by identifying risks for logistics and workplace accidents in terms of both the human and infrastructure sides-such as hazardous operations and locations within worksites-and making improvements. One way we do this is through regular patrols by managers.

(2) Cultivating and Spreading Safety Awareness

We provide hazard prediction training (KYT) to raise awareness of potential risks without carelessness or overconfidence, even in routine and familiar tasks, and improve sensitivity to hazard prediction. We also broadly solicit safety slogans from logistics partners to cultivate and instill safety awareness in each worker.

(3) Enhancing Education and Training

In addition to horizontally-implemented preventative education on logistics and workplace accidents that includes examples from other companies, we strive to improve employees’ ability to respond to crises and safety awareness by jointly providing training that envisions major disasters and logistics accidents with logistics partners. Additionally, whenever points requiring improvement arise after training, we enhance the quality of our education and training by revising crisis management manuals, incorporating improvements into subsequent training, and the like.

(4) Maintaining Transport Safety and Environmental Standards

Example of a Yellow Card

Example of a Yellow Card

JSR outsources the distribution of its products to outside logistics partners. To maintain environmental and safety standards during transport, we have drivers carry a "Yellow Card" imprinted with special measures and telephone numbers in case of emergency, in addition to having logistics partners train them on specific safety issues.

(5) Reinforcing Health and Safety Collaboration with Logistics Partners

We share logistical challenges concerning quality, safety, and the environment and manage the progress of improvement activities by holding quarterly meetings with logistics partners through our logistics subsidiaries. We also verify, assess, and guide health and safety activities by conducting annual audits of our logistics partners.

3. Accidents in FY2018

Logistics-related workplace accidents: 0
Traffic accidents resulting in injury to others: 0
Traffic accidents resulting in injury to JSR employee: 0