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12/28/2011 CSR
Special Lecture on Industrial Engineering Held at Nihon University 
12/28/2011 CSR
Workshop on Great East Japan Earthquake Volunteer Activities 
12/27/2011 CSR
JSR Volunteer Activities Supporting Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake 
12/13/2011 CSR
Third Session of Delivery Science Class Held in the Kashima Area 
12/01/2011 CSR
JSR Welcomes Trainees from Developing Countries 
11/30/2011 CSR
JSR Yokkaichi Plant Accepts Two Middle School Students for Work Experience Program 
10/17/2011 CSR
JSR Yokkaichi Plant Holds Two-Day Work Experience Program for Middle School Students 
09/30/2011 CSR
JSR Employees Donate Food and Water to 2HJ Food Bank 
09/16/2011 CSR
English version of the JSR Group CSR Report 2011 has been issued. 
08/15/2011 CSR
Media Recognition of JSR Group Volunteers Contributions to Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery 
08/09/2011 CSR
JSR Implements Private-Sector Training for Teaching Staff 
07/11/2011 CSR
TABLE FOR TWO International Thanks JSR 
06/28/2011 CSR
Yokkaichi Municipal Minami Junior High School Learn "What It Means to Work" 
06/20/2011 CSR
JSR supports its employees' volunteer activities for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake 
04/22/2011 CSR
JSR Brings Polymerization Seminar to Elementary School 
02/23/2011 CSR
Yokkaichi Youth Accept Awards in Yokkaichi CO2 Diet Program 
02/10/2011 CSR
Junior High Students Get a Taste of Corporate Life!