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11/24/2015 CSR
JSR Issues CSR Report in English, Chinese, Korean and Thai 
10/30/2015 CSR
JBE Participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Activity 
10/28/2015 CSR
First CSR Report from JSR Micro N.V. 
08/03/2015 CSR
JSR Issues CSR Report 2015 
07/28/2015 CSR
JSR Laboratories Manager Delivers Lecture on Globalization at a High School 
07/16/2015 CSR
JSR Selected for Inclusion in International Indices and universe for international Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) 
07/13/2015 CSR
4th Nature Observation Tour at JSR Tsukuba Research Laboratories 
07/09/2015 CSR
Participated in a Street-Mirror Volunteer Clean-up Event 
05/11/2015 CSR
"Donation of Backpacks of Memory" Project 
03/31/2015 CSR
Crisis Management Drill Conducted on February 24