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4th Nature Observation Tour at JSR Tsukuba Research Laboratories

CSR  07/13/2015
On April 2, the JSR Tsukuba Research Laboratories held its 4th Nature Observation Tour as part of its biodiversity promotion efforts. The laboratories holds such tours every spring and autumn.This spring’s event attracted 29 participants, who observed spring animals and plants using the JBIBGuidelines for Sustainable Business Sites and the Living Things Monitoring Sheet.

Designating the pond near the main gate and the green space around the pond as a biodiversity promotion priority area, the Tsukuba Research Laboratories carries out a wide variety of efforts, such as reducing the amount of herbicide and insecticide used in the area.

Dusky thrush (at the Tsukuba Research Laboratories)            Participants in the nature observation tour             

*JBIB: Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity
JBIB is a group of Japanese companies aiming to truly contribute to biodiversity conservation both at home and abroad, by ensuring that a wide variety of companies conduct joint research and generate results that could not be achieved by a single company alone.