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12/12/2013 CSR
“Delivery Science Class” Held at Junior High School in Kashima Area 
12/04/2013 CSR
The JSR Head Office Cooperates with a Career Education Program for Senior High School Students 
11/29/2013 CSR
“Fun Experiment Class” Held 
11/29/2013 CSR
The JSR Tsukuba Research Laboratories Holds a Nature Observation Tour 
11/27/2013 CSR
The JSR Chiba Plant Wins an Award of Excellence at an Initial Fire-fighting Competition 
11/26/2013 CSR
JSR Again Selected for “Ethibel Pioneer & Excellence” International Index for Socially Responsible Investment 
11/25/2013 CSR
All Three JSR Plants Issue Responsible Care Reports 
11/19/2013 CSR
JSR Launches Activities with the Cooperation of the Consortium for Sustainable Paper Use - Cooperation between Companies and an NGO to Realize Sustainable Paper Use by 2020 - 
11/15/2013 CSR
The JSR Yokkaichi Plant Cooperates with a Work Experience Program for Junior High School Students 
11/13/2013 CSR
JSR Employee Lectures at 6th Workshop for Sustainable Business Sites 
11/01/2013 CSR
JSR Group Formulates Paper Procurement Guidelines 
11/01/2013 CSR
JSR Conducts Biodiversity Lecture and Survey at Kashima Plant 
10/31/2013 CSR
JSR Cooperates with JOICFP’s “Donation of Backpacks of Memory” Project 
10/25/2013 CSR
JSR Employee Receives METI High-Pressure Gas Safety Award for Superior High-Pressure Gas Production Safety Manager 
10/24/2013 CSR
JSR Conducts BCM Training 
10/11/2013 CSR
Special Lecture Held at College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University 
10/07/2013 CSR
Japan Coloring Co., Ltd. Works on Green Curtain Effort 
10/07/2013 CSR
JSR Yokkaichi Plant Holds Work Experience Program for Middle School Students 
10/01/2013 CSR
JSR Yokkaichi Plant Participates in Yokkaichi Children’s Science Seminar 
10/01/2013 CSR
JSR Yokkaichi Research Center Receives Internship Students 
09/30/2013 CSR
English version of the JSR Group CSR Report 2013 has been issued. 
08/30/2013 CSR
JSR Cooperates in Training of School Teachers at Private Companies 
06/12/2013 CSR
JSR Chiba Plant wins Japan Chemical Industry Association “Responsible Care Award” 
06/10/2013 CSR
JSR Optech Tsukuba and JSR Micro Kyushu Receive Fire Defense Awards from Commissioner of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency 
06/07/2013 CSR
JSR Chiba Plant Participates in the Anesaki Industrial Festival 
04/30/2013 CSR
UNICEF Foreign Coin Collection Campaign 
04/24/2013 CSR
JSR Recognized Again as a Socially Responsible Company Meeting the FTSE4Good Index Criteria 
04/04/2013 CSR
JSR Micro, Inc. Issues CSR Report 
02/28/2013 CSR
Lecture at a Biodiversity-Related Symposium 
02/20/2013 CSR
Blood Drive Activities in the JSR Group 
01/25/2013 CSR
Delivery Science Class "Interesting Experiments Classroom" Held for Elementary School Students for the Third Time in FY 2013 
01/23/2013 CSR
JSR Gives "Yokkaichi Kids' CO2 Reduction Challenge" Delivery Science Class