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JSR Implements Private-Sector Training for Teaching Staff

CSR  08/09/2011
JSR participated for the second time in the Private Sector Training for Teaching Staff, a program offered every summer by the Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs. The two-day program was held from August 4th to 5th at JSR Headquarters and the Chiba Plant. Kindergarten, high school, and vocational school teachers deepened their understanding of various topics, including approaches to tackling environmental issues and ways of thinking about corporate activities.

This year, six teachers participated in the program which started out at JSR headquarters. Day one lectures covered topics including JSR's corporate profile, corporate social responsibility (CSR), environment and safety, corporate ethics, and human resource development.

On the second day, the teachers went on a tour of the Chiba Plant learned about environment and safety activities. Through risk prediction training and experiencing mock situations like being sandwiched or caught in equipment, the teachers realized the importance of safety verification, as well as identifying and predicting potential risks. We are sure they will be able to apply this experience towards their classroom life as well.

JSR views the support of future generations as an important element of its contribution to society and will continue to organize educational events like these in the future.