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Third Session of Delivery Science Class Held in the Kashima Area

CSR  12/13/2011
On December 6th 2011, the JSR Kashima Plant held a Delivery Science Class at Hasaki Dai-ni Junior High School for roughly 60 students (two classes). This year's class was the third class to be held in a junior high school.

The class included a lecture by Technical Dept. 1 Kashima Team Leader Yoshitaka Ikeda, who participated last year, and three experiments: "Mixing two liquids to make a solid rubber," "Ball that bounces and a ball that doesn't," and "Brittle and non-brittle plastic." By participating in these, the students learned the different characteristics of rubber and plastic, how molecules connect and how JSR Corporation produces materials with new functions by mixing a variety of molecules.

The science class was covered by three newspapers and video from the class was broadcast on a news program by the NHK Mito broadcasting station that evening. When interviewed, students commented: "I'm not good at science, but the class was fun and easy to understand" and "I learned that I'm always surrounded by lots of different molecules in my daily life."

In order to convey the appeal of science to many more students, JSR will continue to hold Delivery Science Classes.