JSR Corporation-Annual Report 2017

ANNUAL REPORT 2017 PDF version

Overview PDF:1.2MB
Profile PDF:811KB
Business Outline PDF:541KB
Consolidated Financial Highlights PDF:456KB
Our Strategy PDF:973KB
JSR’s Vision PDF:458KB
To Our Shareholders PDF:799KB
Creating Corporate Value PDF:1.5MB
At a Glance PDF:576KB
Petrochemical Products Business PDF:586KB
Fine Chemicals and Other Products Business PDF:676KB
R&D Policy and Organization PDF:602KB
Creating Sustainable Value PDF:1.1MB
Corporate Mission and CSR PDF:472KB
Corporate Social Responsibility PDF:482KB
Corporate Governance System PDF:490KB
Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Officers PDF:592KB
JSR Global Network PDF:447KB
Corporate Data PDF:461KB
Financial Section PDF:1.0MB
Ten-Year Summary PDF:486KB
Management's Discussion and Analysis PDF:421KB
Consolidated Financial Statements PDF:952KB