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ARTON Resins for Film Applications

Brief of Resin Characteristics

ARTON is a optical resin that offers superior optical properties, dimensional stability and heat resistance. It is manufactured in a clean environment and has a high quality appearance , making it suitable for use in optical applications such as LCD and OLED retardation films.

Property Tables classified by Grade

It has high light transparency, low photo-elastic birefringence, and high heat resistance. Please see "Propetry Tables classfied by Grade" for the details.

Main Characteristics

(1) High Heat Resistance

Low heat dimensional change because of a high glass-transition temperature of 120℃ or higher.

(2) Proper moisture permeability

Excellent drying property of water-based adhesive in a short time due to proper moisture permeability.

(3) High Transparency

A high transparency, and applied to the optical films.

(4) Low photo-elastic birefringence

A low photo-elastic birefringence.

(5) Homogeneity of film thickness

To provide the high quality film having homogeneity thickness.

(6) Retardation stability

The retardation film is stable even on exposure to high temperature such as 80℃.

(7) Excellent toughness

Applied to thin and flexible films due to excellent toughness.

(8) High retardation developing property

ARTON film is stretched to obtain the retardation film used as viewing angle compensation in LCD and OLED panel.


(1) Retardation Film

Retardation films can be used significantly improve the viewing angles of LCD-panels.

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