Administrative Guidance Received after Incident at Yokkaichi Plant


JSR Corporation experienced a regrettable incident at our Yokkaichi Plant on May 14, 2020 when an employee of a subcontracting company suffered significant injuries while opening a storage tank for legal inspection. Our thoughts and prayers have been with the family of the victim.

Following this tragic incident, JSR Corporation received administrative guidance from Mie Prefecture on August 6 to ensure thorough compliance with safety standards for workers in accordance with the High-Pressure Gas Safety Act. We have put together a list of preventive measures to be taken, and distributed the information within the company, to ensure that all workers comply with the safety standards. Also, we requested that our partner companies ensure that all workers comply with the standards.

As a countermeasure to prevent recurrence, we have strengthened construction management, including the reliable communication of safety information and review of confirmation forms, to ensure that all workers understand and comply with safety standards.

JSR takes all incidents seriously and will continue to make every effort to ensure continued compliance with safety standards and work procedures to prevent and potential recurrence of this terrible accident.