Ranked No. 2 in the European Rubber Journal's "Top 10 Elastomers for Sustainability Initiatives" ranking


The New hydrogenated SBR was ranked second in the ranking of the "Top 10 Elastomers for Sustainability Initiatives" by the European Rubber Journal (ERJ).

The number of unsaturated bonds in this material is optimized by combining JSR's proprietary molecular design and hydrogenation technology, which we have accumulated over many years. As a result, it increases the number of rubber molecules intertwined with each other and disperses the stress concentration when cross-linked, which approximately doubles the strength of conventional solution polymerized SBR (SSBR) for low fuel consumption tires.

The use of this material in tires is highly regarded as an environmentally friendly product that reduces wear and tear while driving and contributes to the reduction of rubber fragments that become waste.

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