The Institute of Statistical Mathematics and JSR Establish Joint Research Department


Research Organization of Information and Systems, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Location: Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Director: Hirokazu Tsubaki, hereafter: "ISM") and JSR Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director/CEO: Eric Johnson, hereafter: "JSR") has agreed to establish a joint research department "JSR-ISM Smart Chemistry Lab" (hereafter: "the Department") from October 2020. Basic technologies that promote data-driven material research will be jointly developed aiming to dramatically improve the efficiency of new material development in the field of functional chemicals.

ISM and JSR has been promoting technology development and validation research of material informatics from 2017. In establishment of the Department,
we aim for further reinforcement in collaboration of the both parties. The Department has total 5 researchers including 4 from Data Science Center for Creative Design and Manufacturing at ISM participating in the program and is also recruiting postdoctoral researcher to participate. Three researchers specializing in computational/theoretical chemistry, polymer chemistry/organic chemistry will participate from JSR. In addition, JSR plans to have participants stay in ISM for human resource development for data scientist through OJT.

Unlike the traditional material development method of constructing a theory by observing experimental results, and designing materials over verification by measurement and calculation, this research department aims to develop a novel algorithm and implement it into a software. The new algorithm is a fusion of chemistry and data science, developed by the Department through new visualization and expression methods for multidimensional material spaces, expansion of the scope of application of performance prediction models by accumulating data using high-speed computational chemistry methods, and development of new physical property descriptors based on theoretical insights. It is expected that these research results will dramatically improve
the development efficiency of functional chemicals such as high-functional polymers and photosensitive materials.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences is the only research institute in Japan that specializes in data science. Since its establishment in 1944, it has produced world-leading pioneering research in the theory and application of data science. JSR was established in 1957 with the aim of domestically producing synthetic rubber (former company name: Japan Synthetic Rubber Co.). After that, its business was expanded to emulsions and synthetic resins, and by the latter half of the 1970s, to semiconductor materials, display materials, optical materials, etc. by utilizing the unique polymer technology cultivated through them. Currently, with the life sciences business as a new pillar, profit expansion is in progress by providing bioprocess materials, diagnostic drug materials, drug discovery support services, etc. that meets cutting-edge medical needs such as biopharmacy.

The Department will promote basic scientific research under the co-creation of industry-academia value while trying to solve industrial problems. These research results will be returned to society and contribute to the academic development of data-driven material research and development.