Establishment of the "JSR Group CSR/Sustainable Procurement Policy" 

JSR Corporation (Representative Director and President:Mitsunobu Koshiba) recently established the "JSR Group CSR/Sustainable Procurement Policy" as a guideline covering 36 items in six areas that JSR's business partners will be asked to observe.

As the supply chain has become increasingly globalized in recent years, problems in such areas as forced labor, child labor, environmental destruction, global warming, and corporate misconduct have arisen and are leading to boycotts and demands for improvement. Such developments are beginning to significant impacts on corporate activities.
At JSR, we believe that, in light of these circumstances, developing CSR supply chain management will lead to mutual prosperity for both our business partners and our Group. We therefore decided that the time had come to establish a CSR/sustainable procurement policy calling for consideration of important issues-namely, fair corporate activity, human rights and labor, environmental conservation, health and safety, and information security-and to present this policy to our business partners.
We will be distributing this policy to our business partners and continuously working to gain their understanding of its intent, their acceptance of its aims, and their commitment to put it into practice.

Please click on the following link for details on the "JSR Group CSR/Sustainable Procurement Policy."
Attachment: "JSR Group CSR Sustainable Procurement Policy" (PDF)