EUV Resist Manufacturing Facility completed 

TOKYO, Japan and Leuven, Belgium - March 1, 2017 - The EUV Resist Manufacturing & Qualification Center NV (EUV RMQC), a Joint Venture between JSR Micro NV, a leading materials company, and imec, the world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technology, announced today that it has reached a milestone with the completion of a new manufacturing facility in Belgium, enabling manufacturing and quality control of EUV photoresists for the semiconductor industry. The new facility is equipped with four sizes of vessels in cleanroom environment and a team of trained staff runs the operations. .

“We are confident this facility will serve the industry with superior, high-quality manufacturing capabilities, expertise and services for quality control with the advanced tools at imec,” said Bart Denturck, President of EUV RMQC and JSR Micro NV. “EUV RMQC is a unique joint venture that works with its partners in the industry in a shared platform environment, aiming to advance scaling through commercially viable EUV materials by leveraging stable, high-quality production and precise materials qualification capabilities.”

“EUV lithography is key to enable the patterning of advanced technology nodes, and this new facility will support the manufacturing of EUV resists for high volume manufacturing,” stated An Steegen, EVP at imec.

EUV lithography is considered one of the main drivers to extend Moore’s law toward single digit nanometer technology nodes. Imec and JSR’s collaboration will allow both companies to leverage their strengths when delivering photoresist solutions for the semiconductor industry to manufacture the most advanced devices.