Advanced Technology Initiatives

Advanced Simulation Technology, Machine and Deep Learning


IBM Q Network Hub at Keio University

IBM Q is the name of the quantum computer provided by IBM. The IBM Q Network is the world's largest network consisting of various private companies, universities, and public research institutions with the aim of utilizing quantum computers in different forms. JSR participates in the IBM Q Network as a member company of the IBM Q Network Hub at Keio University and also participates as an IBM Q Network Partner.
The fastest practical application of quantum computers is expected to be simulations using high-precision quantum chemical calculations.JSR is working on the development and acquisition of quantum chemical calculation technology focused on actual materials through the IBM Q Hub, etc., and is also looking at applications for the tests.

② MI·Enthought

JSR is pushing forward with cross-organizational efforts in order to promote a digital transformation in R&D based on material informatics (MI). In addition to various computer experiments and simulations, including first-principle calculation aimed at developing materials through cyberspace experiments as opposed to chemical experiments in the real world, we are working to establish underlying technologies such as advanced analytics, including machine learning. In collaboration with Enthought, Inc., JSR has been working on the development of a data management system and various simulation technologies with an eye towards applications for actual product development.
Through these efforts we will promote the development of data science with a business perspective, and not only improve efficiency, but also create real value for business. Furthermore, we will aim to create new businesses in the future.

Open Innovation

① JKiC


The Company and Keio University have established a joint research building, JSR-Keio University Medical and Chemical Innovation Center (JKiC), positioned as a base for collaboration among industry, academia, and medicine.
This kind of collaboration between a university medical school and a chemical materials manufacturer is the first of its kind in the world.
At JKiC, where medical viewpoints and knowledge of material development come together, we plan to provide various solutions in the fields of health and longevity research based on new types of diagnosis and treatment techniques, medical support technologies that use digital health and 3D printing, and genome analysis.
While ensuring there is adequate space for promoting collaboration among industry, academia, and medicine, we will establish a department matches medical needs with the seeds of technology, working on new innovations in Japan where the advances of age far exceed those of any other country in the world. By delving into a completely new concept of fusion between medicine and chemistry, we will create innovations and establishing practical technologies that contribute to a world of health and longevity.

② Center of Materials Innovation

Center of Materials Innovation

The research and development base in the Yokkaichi Plant is made up of 4 laboratories; the Display Solution Development Center, the Fine Electronic Materials Development Center, and the Edge Device Materials Lab., and the RD Technology and Digital Transformation Center which develops new materials not connected with any existing business with the help of free-thinking researchers.
The main purpose of our Center of Materials Innovation will be to focus on research to create new businesses. To this end, we will establish a flexible research system, in close collaboration among the 4 research laboratories, to enable quick response to users' situations by setting research areas that anticipate market needs. Furthermore, in order to enhance our ability to create innovation, which is the source of our sustainable competitiveness, we utilize this new building to create an environment where adventitious communication and collaboration between different fields from each laboratory can flourish and research activities in collaboration with external parties as a base for open innovation can be promoted.
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