JSR's Responses to COVID-19

To Our Stakeholders
(COO Message)

Representative Director,President and COO
Nobuo Kawahashi

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the COVID-19 infections and to their families. I would also like to express my respect and appreciation to the medical professionals and many others who have devoted themselves to be on the frontline of this pandemic.

As COVID-19 runs rampant around the world, a large number of people are still getting infected by it. The situation remains unpredictable even though many people are making efforts to prevent the spread of infection. With the current situation, the JSR Group places the highest priority on ensuring the safety of our employees and continually supporting our customers around the world by continuing our production and business activities. That said, we understand that it will be very difficult to control this outbreak and may take a while to eliminate the spread of the COVID-19. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to establish a safe and new normal in response to COVID-19 so that we can conduct business activities safely under these circumstances. To this end, we’ve started to consider ways to restore our economic activities as we’ve been taking measures to prevent infections, always following the advice of experts.

Based on the fact that the Declaration of Emergency has been lifted nationwide in Japan, we established a new project on June 2. This project aims to establish a system for stable business operations over the long term while continuing to address COVID-19, shifting from the crisis management system based on the BCP (Business Continuity Plan). The project considers the following; (1) new work styles and safety measures for the work environment, (2) social contributions and corporate collaborations through JSR Group’s abilities, (3) the digital marketing promotions using Information and Communications Technologies and other means. By implementing these initiatives, we believe that we will make it possible to both prevent the spread of infection and maintain and stimulate socio-economic activities.

With our corporate mission of Materials Innovation, the JSR Group will fulfill its social responsibility by mobilizing our expertise and technology and continuing business activities to fight against this pandemic for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We look forward to your continued support.

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