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CSR Report 2014

Essential Elements

To create a corporate culture in which sustainable growth is achieved constantly regardless of changes in personnel or organizational form, and to ensure that such a culture permeates across the JSR Group, we established our Essential Elements and have been promoting them to be shared among the employees within the Group as common values so that each employee can act with responsibility and confidence. The Essential Elements consists of the Corporate Mission, the Management Policies, and the Course of Action.

Corporate Mission

Materials Innovation, We create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment.

The corporate mission of the JSR Group clearly identifies the company’s raison d’etre. By supplying materials that are indispensable to human societies, JSR aims to be trusted.

Management Policies—JSR's Fundamental Pillars of Management

Continuous Creation of Businesses

As society evolves, so does the demand for specialized materials and advanced products. JSR continuously evolves to anticipate and respond to changing marketing needs and, in doing so, achieves dynamic growth.

Enhancement of Corporate Culture

As society evolves, so will our organization. JSR will build on its existing positive corporate culture to create an organization and management style with the vitality to keep evolving.

Increase in Corporate Value

JSR will position itself to increase our overall corporate value by creating businesses through materials with focuses on customer satisfaction and the fulfillment of employees.

Management Policies—Responsibility to Our Stakeholders

Responsibility to Our Customers/Business Partners

When interacting with our business partners and customers, the JSR Group will:

  • Constantly evolve to meet the demand for new materials
  • Always strive to increase customer satisfaction
  • Act in good faith and maintain fair and equitable business relations
  • Continue to be socially and environmentally conscious throughout the supply chain
Responsibility to Our Employees

All employees should expect:

  • To be evaluated and rewarded based on fair standards
  • Continuous opportunities to grow by challenging themselves
  • Acceptance of the diversity of fellow colleagues and to be provided a place where all employees can work together as a team
Responsibility to Society

All members of the JSR Group will honor our responsibility to both the local and global communities through:

  • Responsible and respectful business practices (Responsible Care)
    that considers the environment and safety
  • Support for environmental conservation by providing eco-friendly products
  • Reduction of our environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Active contribution to conserving biodiversity throughout its business activities and the entire product lifecycle
Responsibility to Shareholders

The JSR Group will maintain its responsibility to its shareholders by:

  • Aiming to increase corporate value by creating business opportunities through materials
  • Constantly enhancing its management efficiencies
  • Inspiring trust by being highly transparent and conducting sound corporate management practices

Course of Action: 4C

Course of Action: 4C


All employees of the JSR Group should share a common, global focus and desire to succeed. Employees should feel confident to autonomously take on new challenges, learning from successes while viewing setbacks as opportunities to learn, grow and improve.


All employees should feel comfortable and confident maintaining open lines of bi-directional communication at all levels within the JSR Group. Employees should strive for organizational transparency through direct conversations as the best means of sharing value and achieving common goals, especially in the face of growth and diversification.


Employees will work together in the spirit of cooperation, valuing common, corporate goals over internal or departmental barriers. Employees will also be encouraged to actively collaborate with external resources and not be bound by conventional ideas.


All employees will cultivate an environment that supports bi-directional communication between managers and subordinates, and provides opportunities for them to develop together as individuals and as members of productive, supportive teams.

Activities to ensure penetration of Essential Elements across the Group

Dialogue with the President

A dialogue is organized quarterly as an opportunity to discuss the Corporate Mission directly with the company’s executives.
The scope of participants for these meetings, employees in their 30s and 40s, expanded in FY2014 to include General Managers and Group company officers. Each year at these meetings, participants share their experiences related to the Corporate Mission and techniques employed to make the Corporate Mission more familiar among employees, and actively and enthusiastically exchange opinions. Education with regard to different employee levels is also provided as an opportunity for each employee to think about how his/her job helps to create value and contributes to society along with how he/she should act.
Since these activities were launched three years ago, the level of awareness and under standing o f JSR Group’s Essential Elements among employees has been increasing.

JSR Group’s Approach toward Creating
a Sustainable Global Environment and Society

The Corporate Mission represents why the JSR Group exists and is in business, while CSR guides the Group on how it should act.
The JSR Group’s Essential Elements and CSR form the foundation on which we create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment, which remain consistent even with changes in personnel and organizational form. These are the foundation for our sustainable growth.

Corporate Mission and CSR Corporate Mission and CSR

The JSR Group’s business is shifting from being Japan-oriented to becoming truly global.
To conduct business globally, we need to have a deep understanding of issues on both global
and local levels and act based on that understanding.
On the other hand, these issues may also offer new business opportunities.
We will expand our business by actively pursuing such business opportunities.


CSR Report 2014