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Social Report

Relations with Local Communities and Society

Our Policy Related to Relations with Communities and Society

The JSR Group has been involved in various social contribution programs centering on community activities. In January 2009, we established the "Basic Approach to Social Contribution" as a policy aimed at further strengthening our activities, and will promote the initiatives outlined in this policy.

Basic Approach to Social Contribution
  1. Our Corporate Philosophy dictates that we make a contribution to society through our business activities. Further, we are actively engaged in providing solutions to societal demands and issues as a responsible member of society.
  2. We are continuously engaged in positive social contribution activities, capitalizing on our "chemical/technological" knowledge and skills that form the core of the JSR business.
  3. Every employee is a point of contact between the Company and society. We actively support our employees in their voluntary participation in social contribution activities.

FY2009 Initiatives

The following are the principal social contribution and community contribution activities carried out in FY2009 (April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009).

Fostering the next generation and initiatives in education

Science Lectures
Science Lectures

■ Taking Science Lectures on the Road
One of serious problems facing Japanese society today is our children's waning interest in science. The results of an international survey show that Japan rates last out of 29 countries for the number of second-grade junior-high school students who consider that "Studying science is useful in everyday life1." Therefore, the JSR Group is working with the Yokkaichi Board of Education to periodically conduct science classes at junior high schools in Yokkaichi. There are plans to take the program to other areas so that even more children will become interested in science.
Models are used to explain that all substances are made of molecules, that different connections between molecules produce entirely different properties, and that the materials created from the various combinations of these molecules are utilized in the objects around us. Educational materials and experiments that otherwise cannot be conducted at school stimulate the children's curiosity and encourage interest in the sciences.

1 Results of the TIMSS2007 (2007 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study)

Special Lectures
Special Lectures

■ Special Lectures on Industrial Engineering
As a part of our partnership between industry and academia, every year we hold guest lectures on industrial engineering at the College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University. On one occasion students listened with interest to a lecture titled, "The Properties and Manufacturing Processes of Rubber and Quality Assurance," which presented actual cases.

Project to Foster Regional Industry Leaders
Project to Foster Regional Industry Leaders

■ Project to Foster Regional Industry Leaders
The Yokkaichi Plant participated in planning Mie Prefecture's "Project to Foster Regional Industry Leaders." A six-month practical training program was carried out for students from Yokkaichi Technical High School.

Initiatives in the Environmental Field

Kids ISO Program
Kids ISO Program

■ Kids ISO Program
The Yokkaichi Plant is working together with the "Kids ISO Program," a project developed by the International Art and Technology Cooperation Organization (ArTech) and implemented both in Japan and overseas. JSR has supported the activity since FY2007 by providing funds to purchase the workbook (Household Eco-Account Book) used by children, and by training and providing Eco Kids instructors who evaluate the environmentally friendly activities carried out by the children.

Eco Cap Campaign poster
Eco Cap Campaign poster

■ Eco Cap Campaign
The Eco Cap Campaign began in April 2009 at the JSR Group Head Office. This project collects plastic PET bottle caps2 that are normally burned as trash and sells them to recycling businesses. The money gained from these sales is used to provide vaccinations to children worldwide. The Ecocap Movement, an NPO, turns the collected caps into funds, which are then donated to help immunize children around the world. The JSR Group plans to expand the campaign to include other offices in addition to the Head Office.

2 PET bottle caps are made from polypropylene. They cannot be recycled when they are thrown away with the PET bottles. The Eco Cap Campaign is an effective effort to encourage throwing bottles and caps away separately.

Clean-up Activities
Clean-up Activities

■ Clean-up Activities
The Yokkaichi Plant, Chiba Plant, and Kashima Plant periodically carry out activities to clean up local communities in an effort to preserve the local environment.

Initiatives in Local Communities

Harmony Festa
Harmony Festa
Harmony Festa

■ Communicating with the Community
Each year the Yokkaichi Plant conducts plant tours and hosts an outreach event called "JSR Harmony Festa." JSR values these activities that promote interaction with local residents. The Harmony Festa brings the local community and our employees together to enjoy various games and attractions with the aim of developing closer communication with the residents.
In addition, the plant tours increase understanding of plant activities by explaining our safety and environment-friendly measures, and giving people the opportunity to actually observe the plant itself and facilities utilized to carry out environmental controls. The Chiba Plant also communicates with local residents by participating in events, such as the Anegasaki Industrial Festival.

Activities supported by JSR at community facilities for children
Activities supported by JSR
at community facilities for children

■ Volunteer Activities
The JSR Labor Union participates in volunteer activities sponsored by the Mie Branch of the Japanese Federation of Chemical Worker's Unions, of which it is a member. Donations collected from employees are used to hold supportive activities at community facilities for children.

Initiatives at Overseas Offices

JSR Micro N.V. (Leuven, Belgium)

■ The "ik kyoto Project3"
JSR Micro N.V. in Belgium is encouraging employees to commute to work without relying on cars. The project provides free breakfast and other incentives to employees who carpool or commute by bicycle. It helps promote employee health and contributes to the prevention of global warming.

3 This initiative was begun by the Belgian local government and was named after the Kyoto Protocol. (http://www.ikkyoto.be) (Dutch)

Future Social Contribution Activities

Under the key expressions "Typically JSR" and "Employee Volunteerism," the JSR Social Contribution Committee and Social Contribution Subcommittee are exploring new social contribution themes that should be addressed with the aim of carrying out more extensive activities. In the latter half of 2009, JSR plans to successively launch a number of new social contribution programs.

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