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12/16/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Corporation and SCIVAX Life Sciences, Inc. Establish a Laboratory in the U.S. to Accelerate the Global Expansion of the 3D Cell Culture Business 
11/26/2013 CSR
JSR Again Selected for “Ethibel Pioneer & Excellence” International Index for Socially Responsible Investment 
11/22/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Has Decided to Manufacture Solution Polymerization Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (S-SBR) in Hungary 
11/01/2013 CORPORATE
Novel microfluidic material breakthrough for wafer-scale mass production of lab-on-chip 
10/31/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Group Company JM Energy decides to construct High-Volume Production Plant for Lithium Ion Capacitors 
10/28/2013 IR
Consolidated Business Results for the 1st Half, FY2014 
09/30/2013 CSR
English version of the JSR Group CSR Report 2013 has been issued. 
09/13/2013 PRODUCTS
JSR Group's New EPDM Plant in Korea Completed 
09/11/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Expands Bioprocess Offerings Through Strategic Investment and Commercial Partnership with Natrix Separations 
08/06/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Group and SCIVAX Life Sciences Partner for Three-dimensional (3D) Cell Culture Business 
07/29/2013 IR
Consolidated Business Results for the 1st Quarter, FY2014 
06/21/2013 IR
About the 68th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 
06/19/2013 IR
Notice of partial amendment to a proposal for the 68th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of JSR Corporation (“the GMS”) PDF(10KB) 
06/10/2013 IR
Supplementary Explanations on the Proposal No. 6 of the 68th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of JSR Corporation PDF(85KB) 
05/29/2013 IR
Notice of Shareholders' Meeting 
04/24/2013 CSR
JSR Recognized Again as a Socially Responsible Company Meeting the FTSE4Good Index Criteria 
04/24/2013 IR
Consolidated Business Results for FY2013 
04/15/2013 CORPORATE
JSR and NEC Conclude Strategic Alliance for IT Services 
04/15/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Group's Additional Enhancement of EPDM Production Capacity 
04/15/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Group’s New Carbon Masterbatch Plant in Tianjin Completed, with Production Scheduled to Commence in May 
04/10/2013 PRODUCTS
JSR Corporation Receives Intel’s Prestigious Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award 
03/12/2013 CORPORATE
Notice of Capital and Business Alliance with MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD. and Subscription of New Shares Through Third-Party Allocation PDF(158KB) 
03/04/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Group to Enhance Production Capacity of Carbon Masterbatch in Thailand 
02/19/2013 CORPORATE
Keynote Speech by Tsutomu Shimokawa during SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013 
02/14/2013 CORPORATE
Strategic Investment by JSR in Biopharmaceutical Purification Technologies 
02/14/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Group to Expand the Carbon Masterbatch Business in Asia 
01/28/2013 IR
Notice Regarding the Cancellation of Treasury Stok PDF(36KB) 
01/28/2013 IR
Consolidated Business Results for the 3rd Quarter, FY2013 
01/21/2013 CORPORATE
JM Energy Expands Research and Development Facilities for Lithium Ion Capacitor 
01/21/2013 IR
Notice of Purchase of Treasury Stock and Notice Of Conclusion of Acquisition PDF(12KB) 
01/16/2013 CORPORATE
JSR Micro Becomes Minority Owner in Capstone Metering LLC 
01/10/2013 IR
Notice Regarding Purchase of Treasury Stock PDF(36KB)