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JSR Group to Expand the Carbon Masterbatch Business in Asia
- Meeting an Increase in Demand by Establishing a Joint Venture in Indonesia -

CORPORATE  02/14/2013
Tokyo, Japan, February 14, 2013 - JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) is pleased to announce that ELASTOMIX Co., Ltd. (Emix), a subsidiary company of the JSR Group, will establish a joint venture in the Republic of Indonesia with PT. Prospect Motor (PM). By so doing, we strive to establish a new carbon masterbatch (CMB) production base second largest in the ASEAN region next to that in Thailand. We aim to expand our CMB business in the Republic of Indonesia, which is continuing to demonstrate a strong economic development.

As one of the renowned automotive groups in Indonesia, PM is an influential organization which is developing its businesses extensively. Its subsidiary companies cover a wide variety of fields, from automobile production and sales to paper manufacturing and fiber fabric.

The joint venture to be established by Emix is PT. ELASTOMIX INDONESIA (tentative). This new company will be capitalized at 90 billion rupiah (810 million yen), 75% of which will be provided by Emix and 25% by PM. Introducing one BANBURY No.9 mixer with an annual production capacity of 9,000 tons, we strive to launch a commercial production in April 2014, subsequently enhancing the production capacity on a step-by-step basis to meet an increase in demand.

The Republic of Indonesia is home to 240 million people, the fourth most populous country in the world. Continuing its strong economic growth at an annual rate of 6%, Indonesia is the largest economic country in the ASEAN region. It is expected that due to the progress of the motorization caused by the rise in the income level, the country will become a large production base for automobiles in the future, along with Thailand.

Based on its polymer processing and blending technologies, Emix has already established strong relationships with Japanese-affiliated car parts manufacturers and other organizations. Making full use of the synergy effect from the establishment and operation of a JV with PM, who is experienced in the Indonesian market, the JV will proactively advance the securing of new customers among the Japanese vehicle manufacturers as well as local Indonesian manufacturers in order to effect an expansion of Emix CMB business in Indonesia.

Emix is actively expanding its CMB business on a global basis. In China, the company decided to relocate its production base in Tianjin, and is now advancing construction of the new plant scheduled to commence an operation in the spring of 2013. The company strives to improve its production and provision systems comprising of the new plant, as well as its plants in Foshan and Fuzhou.

The production base to be newly built in Indonesia, along with that in Thailand, will enable us to increase our production and provision capacities in the ASEAN region. By so doing, Emix will steadily implement our strategy for the development of the CMB business with our focus on overseas markets.

1. Name: PT. ELASTOMIX INDONESIA (tentative)
2. Location: Karawang Regency, West Java Province, the Republic of Indonesia
3. Representative: Not yet determined
4. Business description: Manufacture and sales of CMB
5. Capital: 90 billion rupiah (810 million yen)
6. Established: March 2013 (scheduled)
7. Ownership:
75% by ELASTOMIX Co., Ltd.
25% by PT. Prospect Motor
8. Final day of business year: December 31
9. Operations scheduled to begin: April 2014
*Outline of Joint Partner
1. Name: PT. Prospect Motor
2. Location: Bekasi - Jawa Barat the Republic of Indonesia
3. Representative: Kusnadi Budiman
4. Established: May 15, 1973
5. Business description: Automotive group
Developing its businesses in a wide variety of fields such as car manufacture and sales, as well as fiber fabric