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JSR Group's New EPDM Plant in Korea Completed

PRODUCTS  09/13/2013
Tokyo, Japan, September 13, 2013 - JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) is pleased to announce that Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea; Representative Director: Park Chan Koo), a JSR group company, held a ceremony for the completion of the second plant of ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) on September 12th, 2013. This second plant (production capacity of 60,000 tons per year, the Yeosu National Industrial Complex in Korea) has been constructed in order to reinforce the supply system for the EPDM business. The completion of the second plant will increase the company’s EPDM production capacity to a total of 150,000 tons per year.

With good heat resistance, ozone resistance, and weatherability, EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber used for a wide variety of daily settings, such as automotive parts, electric/wire insulation coating materials, and general industrial rubber parts.

“Although competition among EPDM manufacturers was becoming more and more intensified, I am confident that Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd., which had been exerting its originality and ingenuity for quality level improvement and cost reduction, would definitely survive the competition in the future and would make further progress toward becoming a world-leading EPDM manufacturer,” said President Mitsunobu Koshiba of JSR in front of approximately 200 persons attending the completion ceremony, including Mayor Kim Chung Seog of Yeosu City.

The company has already decided to establish an additional production line (production capacity of 60,000 tons per year, construction start and operation launch scheduled for July 2014 and September 2015, respectively) in the second plant. As a result of this establishment, the total annual EPDM production capacity of the entire JSR Group, including 36,000 tons per year at the JSR Kashima Plant, will reach 246,000 tons.

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(Note) The names and positions of the persons in the above photograph are on the next page.
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1)Names and Positions of the Persons in the Photograph on the Previous Page (from left)
Lee Cheol Gyu: Senior Managing Director - Chief Director, Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd.
Moon Dong Joon: Vice President - Representative Director, Kumho P&B Chemicals, Inc.
Kim Seong Chae: President - Representative Director, Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd.; and Director, Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd.
Koichi Kawasaki: Managing Officer, JSR Corporation
Takashi Wakabayashi: Vice President, Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd.
Mitsunobu Koshiba: Representative Director & President, JSR Corporation
Park Chan Koo: Chairman, Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd.; and Representative Director, Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd.
Kim Chung Seog: Mayor of Yeosu City
Lee Chul Kyoon: President - Plant Business Director, Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jung Boo Koon: Labor Union Director, Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd.
Song Seok Geun: Vice President – Production Director, Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Ohn Yong Hyun: Vice President - Chief Director, Kumho Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
Han Dong Hwa: Senior Managing Director – Planning Director, Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd.; and Director, Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd.

2) Outline of Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd.
1. Name: Kumho Polychem Co., Ltd.
2. Headquarters location: Seoul Special City, the Republic of Korea
3. Plant location: Yeosu National Industrial Complex, Yeosu-si, Jeonnam, the Republic of Korea
4. Established: June 1985
5. Representative: Chairman Chan Koo, Park; Vice President: Takashi Wakabayashi
6. Capital: 21.5 billion won
7. Ownership: JSR Corporation - 50%; Kumho Petrochemical - 50%
8. No. of employees: 163 (as of the end of December 2012)
9. Production capacity
   Existing first plant: 90,000 tons per year
   Newly established second plant: 60,000 tons per year (an additional production line with a capacity of 60,000 tons per year is to be constructed.)