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JSR Group to Enhance Production Capacity
of Carbon Masterbatch in Thailand
- Meeting the Rapid Increase in Demand in the ASEAN Region -

CORPORATE  03/04/2013
Tokyo, Japan, March 4, 2013 - JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) and ELASTOMIX Co., Ltd., (E-MIX) a JSR Group subsidiary company, have decided to enhance production of carbon masterbatch (CMB) in Thailand.

In June 2013, E-MIX will add a new line with an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons at ELASTOMIX (Thailand) Co., Ltd., its joint venture in Rayong Province, Thailand, thereby significantly boosting its total production capacity per year to 39,000 tons.

This effort will enable E-MIX to meet an increase in demand from Japanese-affiliated car parts manufacturers—its major customers—in Thailand and other parts of the ASEAN region, where automobile production is continuing to grow.

ELASTOMIX (Thailand) provides CMB mainly to manufacturers of automobile components in Thailand and neighboring countries. To meet an increase in demand, in 2011, E-MIX replaced the company's BANBURY No. 9 mixer with the then latest model (with a capacity of 9,000 tons per year). At the end of 2012, E-MIX also replaced its BANBURY No. 11 mixer with the then latest model (with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year). Through these efforts to improve production efficiency, E-MIX has worked to strengthen the company's provision system.

Since automobile production is expected to continue to grow in Thailand, E-MIX have decided to install a further BANBURY No. 11 mixer. This installation will give ELASTOMIX (Thailand) the largest production capacity within the ELASTOMIX Group, firmly establishing the company's position as the leading rubber compound manufacturer in the ASEAN region.

ELASTOMIX is continuing to develop its CMB business on a global basis.

In China, ELASTOMIX decided to relocate its production base in Tianjin, and construction of the new plant is progressing well, with operations scheduled to commence in the spring of 2013. The company is also striving to further improve its production and provision systems in the country, comprising the new plant, as well as its plants in Foshan and Fuzhou.

Additionally, as JSR announced on February 14, E-MIX has decided to develop a joint venture in Indonesia, to establish a CMB production base that will become the second largest in the ASEAN region. Through the combination of these efforts and the augmentation of production capacity in Thailand, E-MIX is strengthening its production system outside Japan, thereby actively advancing its global business development.

ELASTOMIX (Thailand) Company Overview

2. Headquarters and plant Rayong Province, Thailand
3. Established March 2000
4. President Makoto Goto
5. Capital 75 million baht
6. Shareholders and ownership
ELASTOMIX Co., Ltd.65%
JSR Corporation25%
Shiraishi Calcium Kaisha, Ltd.10%
7. No. of employees 280

(Reference) Production Capacity of ELASTOMIX Group (as of January 1, 2013)

Name Location Production capacity
  (Tokyo Plant) Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  (Yokkaichi Plant) Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture
  (Shiga Plant) Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
ELASTOMIX (FOSHAN) CO., LTD Foshan City, China
Tianjin Kuo Cheng Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. Tianjin City, China
Fuzhou Kuo Tai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China
EELASTOMIX (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Rayong Province, Thailand