CSR Report

Inclusion into International Indices and Universe for International Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

JSR Group CSR Report 2015

Executive Commitment JSR Group CSR Priority Issues
Corporate Mission and CSR Philosophy Dialogue with Stakeholders


CSR Management Corporate Governance Compliance Risk Management List of Targets and Results

JSR Group CSR Priority Issues

Safety and Disaster Prevention

Safety is the most important factor for every one working in the manufacturing industry and on the premises of our business activities. We are engaged in various activities as we reaffirm our dedication to safety.

Sustainable Society where People Can Enjoy Health and Longevity

Through the Life Sciences Business, the JSR Group aims to contribute to the realization of a society where people can enjoy health and longevity.

Energy Saving, Resource Saving, and Climate Change Countermeasures

Serving society while remaining aware of the global environment. Our aim is to keep these two goals in mind as we develop our business.

Communication with Stakeholders

Improving communication to deepen relationships with stakeholders and become an indispensable benefit to society.

CSR Report

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