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11/29/2010 CORPORATE
JSR Group's E-TEC urethane adhesive to be used in high-end sports car 
10/26/2010 PRODUCTS
JSR to launch new, highly tough Polylactic acid-based bioplastic: "BIOLLOY" 
10/25/2010 IR
Consolidated Business Results for the 1st Half, FY2011 
10/22/2010 PRODUCTS
Japan Butyl Co. Ltd. completes Butyl Rubber capacity expansion at Kawasaki Plant 
10/15/2010 PRODUCTS
JSR enhances applications of ARTON resin by utilizing a new monomer 
10/13/2010 PRODUCTS
JSR to make full-scale entry into optical ITO film market (for touch panels) with in-house technologies 
09/21/2010 CORPORATE
JSR to enhance R & D of LCD materials in Korea - Construction of new research laboratory at JSR Micro Korea - 
09/07/2010 CSR
English version of the JSR Group CSR Report 2010 has been issued. 
09/07/2010 CORPORATE
Establishment of a Research Association of Advanced Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) Technology PDF(76KB) 
08/23/2010 PRODUCTS
Techno Polymer develops high functional film - Capitalizing on the technologies of high quality ABS resin, which holds the number one share in the Japanese market - 
07/30/2010 PRODUCTS
JSR to increase production capacity of S-SBR (solution polymerization styrene-butadiene rubber) and DYNARON (hydrogenated polymer) 
07/27/2010 CSR
JSR to issue CSR Report 2010 (Japanese language version) 
07/26/2010 IR
Consolidated Business Results for the 1st Quarter, FY2011 
07/20/2010 CORPORATE
Promoting workplace diversity: forming a strong and creative organization - JSR establishes internal Social Networking Service (SNS) for working mothers 
06/28/2010 CSR
JSR Group CSR Report 2009 recognized as "Notable COP" by UN Global Compact 
06/18/2010 IR
Notice of the Resolution of the 65th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 
06/07/2010 CSR
JSR included in Socially Responsible Investment benchmark index:"FTSE4Good Index Series" for 7 years running 
05/27/2010 IR
Shareholders' Meeting 
04/26/2010 IR
Consolidated Business Results for FY2010 
04/12/2010 IR
Revision to Consolidated Financial Results Forecasts for the Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2010 (April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010) PDF(34KB) 
03/23/2010 CORPORATE
JSR and Kinki University expand their Research Center of Advanced Materials 
03/08/2010 PRODUCTS
JSR accelerates expansion of LED-related Performance Materials Business 
02/22/2010 PRODUCTS
JSR introduces non-topcoat self-freezing ArF Photoresist for double patterning process 
02/22/2010 CSR
JSR participates in TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) 
01/25/2010 IR
Consolidated Business Results for 3rd Quarter, FY2010 
01/22/2010 CORPORATE
JSR awarded CSJ's 58th Award for Technical Development 2009 
01/18/2010 CORPORATE
JSR to establish overseas subsidiary in China