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JSR to issue CSR Report 2010 (Japanese language version)

CSR  07/27/2010
TOKYO - 27 July 2010- JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) is to issue the "JSR Group CSR Report 2010", which summarizes the JSR Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts throughout the 2010 fiscal year (from April 1 2009 to March 31 2010). The English version is due to be issued in early September.
The scope of the report is not only limited to JSR Corporation, but also includes the CSR activities of group companies located in Japan and overseas (i.e. all 28 consolidated subsidiaries and six equity method affiliates).
In the same way as the last fiscal year, two versions of the report will be available - a printed booklet and a web version, making full use of the features each medium offers. The printed version has been compiled in a compact style, enabling readers to understand the JSR Group's CSR activities. In addition to the contents contained in the printed booklet, the web version reports in detail specific approaches toward CSR management, responsible care (environment, safety, health) and social activities (see http://www.jsr.co.jp/csr/csrreport2010.html).
Additionally, in order to ensure credibility, the report was examined by the Japan Responsible Care Council to receive third party verification and for the first time, the report received third party opinion from an external professional to obtain an objective evaluation of the JSR Group's CSR efforts. The Group's CSR Report 2009 was recognized as a "Notable COP" by the UN Global Compact Office and the current "JSR Group CSR Report 2010" contains more thorough coverage of the CSR activities undertaken.

Major activities of the past year covered in the "JSR Group's CSR Report 2010"
1. Introduction of CSR procurement
Initiatives for "CSR procurement" were constructed and introduced not only within the JSR Group but also toward enhancing CSR within the supply chain.
2. Introduction of risk management activities across the entire company
In all sectors across Japan (including group companies), potential risks were clarified, evaluated and countermeasures were planned. In addition, 12 particularly significant risks were identified as being "important risks for the company" and the Group is attempting to control such risks.
3. Promotion of energy conservation
As part of energy-saving measures, a state-of-the-art, highly-efficient and large-scale natural gas-fired gas turbine cogeneration system was installed at the Yokkaichi Plant. The system enables drastic reduction of heavy oil use, and is thus expected to reduce environmental impact such as CO2 emissions.
4. Promotion of workplace diversity
The Group has formulated "diversity promotion strategies" in response to workplace diversity, including maximizing the capabilities of female staff members.
5. Newly-implemented main approaches in the area of social contribution
In cooperation with Kamisu City Board of Education, Ibaraki Prefecture (where the Group's Kashima Plant is located), JSR conducted science classes (under the "Taking Science Lectures on the Road" program) at junior high schools in the Kashima district.
6. "CSR Report reading sessions"
In order to enhance the CSR awareness of employees, "CSR Report reading sessions" were held in all sectors across Japan, including group companies.